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Kalyx ######

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Day by day we are getting closer and closer to the cyberpunk reality. How are you feeling today Lainons?


pretty goddamn good


We are getting closer but i believe that this whole thing that we are experiencing is the most annoying epoch before we reach cyberpunk reality.


As I've seen it put, we live in the most uninteresting dystopia


Yeah me too
That’s probably true




Can't wait for AR monitors. Other than that don't have much other than despair


I can still feel carnal pleasure.. sex feels good.. but my sense of bliss and joy is a thing of the past. I'll leave it at that.


I'm still waiting for my AI waifu.


ahhhhh brother, you and me both.

i envision that in the future most everybody will grow up with 1 or more "imaginary friends" only they'll be REAL, and AI, and by default only you'd be able see them through some Augmented reality tech, but you could also connect with others ad allow them to see your companions if you wanted… bliss (:


your probably depressed, even if you don't value the aforementioned you should still look at treatment cause depression is also often associated with cognitive decline.


not true at all, these are very exiting times, only a very boring and mundane world exists in parallel, you just have to choose what world you want to be a part of. its kinda like magic and wizards and stuff, sure there is normal people as well, and they don't use magic very much or even think about it, and it seems rather strange and daunting to them. but for the ambitious young sorcerer THE GREAT WONDERS AND MYSTERIES OF THIS WORLD AWAIT!

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