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This is my first post on this chan site so I apologize if it reeks of newfag
I'm currently 19 year old freshman in community college but I have also have been stalking a group of peers from high school for what could be 3 or 4 years and its embarrassing to admit of all the time I wasted on it, most of them also actually living on their own, having a job, going to uni and finding love, all things I can't relate and I get more depressed than I was before but I can't seem to stop for very long. This obsessive behaviour I had with people I don't know well has happened since I was a child through attraction and when I first started to notice this group of peers I had a crush on only one person and being the shy dumbass I was instead of being friendly and introducing myself I had acted cold and aloof cause I get a wave of anxiety every time they are around. Stalking them in the internet was the solution for me to get my fix of seeing their face and seeing their life and little by little all their friends would add up to that list. While nobopdy had confronted me, I am pretty sure they all know since I exposed myself using sock puppet accounts to follow them and getting blocked by one person. I'm at this point where I am not crushing anymore and its became a habit, something to obsess on when I am not wallowing into nislism, sadness and bitterness. There is no point of this anymore and I don't want to do this anymore since I already wasted my teen years, I don't want to lose my twenties as well. Its taken a toll on my thoughts as well as that whole group is constantly on my mind when we were never acquaintances let alone friends. I tried before to go on brakes to stop stalking and I have did it for a couple of moths but only to relapse again. It's funny other people lives are taking a toll on me like they are heroin personified. If you guys have any advice to stop the need to online stalk and thinking of people who want nothing to do with you, it would be greatly appreciated.
img by @mangoumaiwa on twitter


>crediting the author
What's he gonna do, sue an anon?


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idk yes i guess

img by google images


I'm crediting the attached image in case if anyone cares, the original text is my vent, sorry for it seeming confusing


Sorry I really don't have any good advice apart from blocking access to all social media.
But i just wanted to say I think it's great that you have realised the problem and how well you have analysed what role your depression plays in this obsession. But maybe ask yourself everytime you are about to stalk or obsessively think abou them WHY you are doing it. Is ist just escapism? Are they your personal little reality show?
Everytime i develop an obsessive behaviour (which is a lot) I try to bring myself to realise how bening the reason I keep doing XYZ is and most of the time once I realise it I stop. Good Luck OP.


Law of attraction works

Work on yourself and you should attract good vibes.

Find someone else that won't need you to stalk them and will like you for being you.


Treat it like the addiction it is, now that you're aware

You can either use the hard approach and stop living through others and force yourself to find meaning or take it easy, safe in the knowledge nobody gives a lot of thought to others who aren't in the circle of close friends and family so what is the point if they already forgot about you


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I'm 25 and I stalk people online, too. I have no real life friends. I've come to the conclusion that if you want to stop you will need a good social circle of friends to interact with. This will divert your attention towards them and you can have some good fun with them too. That's what I like to believe. I haven't tried it out yet because at my age most people already have their established social circles and getting into one is very hard in my experience.

Good luck to you. I know how you feel.


Are you folks heavily active in any other online community/online groups?

24 here, but I've found all my social needs fulfulled by various online groups (outside intimate relationships, fortunately I've been lucky there).

I'm horrible at making and keeping friends and have given up.


File: 1568608355117.jpg (43.87 KB, 860x484, img_35.jpg)

>Are you folks heavily active in any other online community/online groups?
I've always been more of a lurker than a poster. Even on the internet my social anxiety holds me back.


Lurkers often have the most interesting things to say, after all they've been listening for years and know alot,.

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