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Kalyx ######

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you live alone
you die alone
that's all


Thats one way to look at it. Though a pretty dreary one at that. Now cheer up and tell where's this picrel from?


We are always connected though. Once the answer is out there we pick up on it. Never alone. Wired or otherwise.


>you live alone

Something about this makes me think you think it is a bad thing. Please tell me why it is intrinsically good to be around/with other people. Does nothing for me. Talking to you right now does nothing for me really. Talking to nobody on here does anything for me. There is nothing to gain or positive from not being alone or from communicating with anyone. So what is the point? Make an argument about why I shouldn't want to be alone in all things.

You won't make that argument, because communication doesn't actually do anything. No point in having it.


Same here,


File: 1551877293016.jpg (37.49 KB, 442x442, 5910bc051f0730d4789a7660ac….jpg)

Not OP but I feel lonely, in need of someone to be there for me and understand me.
When I am with people I do not like it gets worse but I remember having a great time with my old high school friends before I moved.
I need to be understood. I need someone.


I can chat with you if you want.


File: 1551891994926.gif (145.93 KB, 388x400, gondola.gif)

Thank you very much for the offer. It feels great to know that someone would be willing to help :)
But I think what I need is to meet people in real life. I think I need physical contact, to improve on my social skills and be able to hold a conversation with a person I can see in front of me.
I will find the courage to go out and I will find people like me.
Thanks Alice. You are a great person. The person that gave to the push to go forward. You saved me.


You don't have to actively search someone to avoid being alone, that doesn't make sense to me either.

Having a good relantioship with someone else doesn't happens just like that, you have to make an effort to try to understand the other person, to find something to do together… and If there isn't something more pushing the two (yes, I'm talking about a chimical reaction), it's not going to last more than a couple of months.



I didn't even take this to be about a relationship or anything like that, I more just saw it as a comment on how alone we are in the world in general. I'm not literally alone, I have friends, family, and live with my partner who I've been with for over 5 years.

All that doesn't mean that I can't feel alone though. I talk to my online friends more frequently than I do all of the above. But I don't intrinsically see having the above as being that valuable in and of itself without context. I am just as content when I used to live alone.

Being alone is only bad if you dislike yourself.


Well, mental health issues, metaphores and loneliless aside, I think that stating that you live or die alone is false.
We learn everything by interaction with others. Language only makes sense through interaction (see Wittgenstein concept of language games). We engage in a ton of activities that require multiple people to happen (shopping, using the wired, work, etc), even when we live alone in a small cubic apartment and don't leave the room most of the days.

It's not just a "we live in a society" meme. What i'm trying to say (with my pitiful english) is that our own existence (language; concepts of self or being; concepts of locations, next to, up, left, right, below; taste, food taste, visual confort, nice sounds, music, etc) is made through various interrelationships.



I think you are missing the point of the original quote, because it is an English truism that might not exist in other cultures. It isn't denying the Wittgenstein-ian view of the world that you are espousing it agrees with it. The point of saying that we live alone and die alone is that even with the help of other people and the interconnectedness. I have to face death alone as an individual, we can't face death together in a sense because each person has to experience it as an individual. We can't collectively experience death.


I'd argue it doesn't only concern death, but anything inherently human. Humans have their own set of brains and organs. If you poke one person with a needle in a group of five, only one person will actually feel it. If a father and a mother lose their child, they will feel a very similar pain, but it's two different instances of the same pain. The "high level" human functions like empathy and language allow some kind of similarity or sharing, but on the "low level" each human individual is very separate and far away from the others.
Ideas like a marriage unifying two people into one (even if it actually happens psychologically), or a group of people needing each other to survive is just high level function which cannot exist unless the low level unit of a person, their brain, circulation, digestion, etc work well enough. Such unions do not manifest, do not exist on the lower levels. This is something that people intuitively felt since forever, and pretty much seems to be true at the moment. (There have been opposite intuitions, that certain connections last beyond death, but that would imply a top-down organization of the world, which seems sketchy these days).



Yes, of course human beings have separate bodies so that they fell pain individualy or die individualy. (unless rare conjoined twin cases).
But saying "we live alone" is not the same as saying "we live as individuals" (as opposed to 'living as a hive mind or a bacterial collony).
We don't live alone.


the quote is by Aldous Huxley.
I did a quick reverse image search and could not find the original pic though, so I am assuming somebody just slapped this together in photoshop and it isn't from anything in particular



You live together
You die together


If that's true I dont even mind, I'm very happy by my self, but I also dont mind the company of others, generally everything's pretty cool.


It was in a shroom-induced introspection that I felt the knowledge that no one has ever been truly integrated with each other. It was sad to look at the body of my friend and know that we'll never truly feel and think as one.


I live with my friends


WE ARE ALONE! i know that feel bro.

Perhaps in the next shroom-induced introspection you will feel that EVERYONE IS CONNECTED.

That's why i turned away from psychedelics, now i see them as random illusions instead of introspections.


the point is that you can learn from the illusions.

Learn what it's like to utterly fool yourself, and realize the ways in which you are fooled every day of your life. Learn the ways in which your thoughts and actions are really a result of this huge hindbrain and the conscious mind is just one function of many.

And most importantly, learn to have fun.


>you live alone
>you die alone
Nah, I'm gonna take you bastards with me.

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