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Kalyx ######

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Have any of you had experiences with not having emotions at all, and feeling like you aren't human? I don't fully understand it myself, but I've always felt very weird and off. I think there's something wrong with me. Every day I feel nothing but agonizing numbness, or how I like to call it, "Static". I think I was born like this. I remember begging this world to tell me what was wrong with me as a kid, and wishing that someday in the future someone would to diagnose me with the illness that caused all of this. I couldn't and can't believe that any of this is a normal thing someone experiences. I can't ignore it because of how intense it is, I don't think I've ever felt any true human emotion except for anger. I also used to think I was either an Angel or God itself as a child. I'm not particularly religious but sometimes I still think I'm some sort of divine being. If any of you feel/felt the same or similiar ways before please hit me up. My Discord is Dmitri#6490 and my E-mail address is I apologize for any mistakes in this post, I'm still new to arisuchan and imageboards in general, and I apologize for my nonexistent English skills, my first language is German.


Your use of the term 'static' is very common from people who are experiencing Dissociation. Not sure if it helps but maybe check the wikipedia article on it. Sometimes having a proper name to the problem really helps. I wish you luck. Welcome to the board. You are not alone and will always have a friend in the wired.


This is prob soykaf advise, but they are cheap, so - maybe You've got yourself into a kind of self perpetuating loop being locked onto this way of perceiving yourself. Maybe some perspective shift would kick You off the vicious tracks. Then there are self awareness practices which might help understand your fuarking self better. Cause I doubt not You do have it all in You to experience the whole variety of emotions! Get good!


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Thank you so much, i know it's just comments but your help really means a lot to me! I've been looking into dissociation for a bit and I'm going to bring it up to my therapist next week, I'm pretty sure I've experienced it before. I also started trying to change the way I view myself, it's difficult but I'm sure it'll work. And maybe spending more time on this imageboard will cheer me up a little too!


Good luck Alice! Feel free to share your life experiences here if you want to keep the thread going.


I often feel my body cold, tingling like very tiny mosquito bites, it makes me scratch, sometimes hurt myself. My thoughts are blank, and at the same time very busy. I feel like i'm already dead, a ghost in flesh.

For me it relates to sounds of people talking at the same time at a public place, like a restaurant or a school (it can be a chill sound, but sometimes a very loud penetrating mess. Or the rain. Or the feeling of the cars zooming in the street invading your bedroom at night.

In my case, this usually happens when I isolate myself. I value interaction a lot so the lack of it makes me dead. But this is not true to other people tho.

Anyone else has experiences with this 'static'/dissociation numbness?

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