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Kalyx ######

File: 1549387421544.jpg (23.24 KB, 212x212, 212px-Lain's_hairclip_from….jpg)


what is your hair like naturally? do you cut it? is it important to you? what has it been like throughout the years?

ever since i was small my hair has been a large part of my identity. i'm wondering if alice has anything to share about their hair, or maybe other parts of themselves they deem important to their identity.


My hairstyle has changed over time, but the products I use are a major part of who I am, which is strange because I tend to shun such capitalist thinking, except in grooming.

Dab of brylcreem as conditioner, Byrd Pomade to hold it all in place, safety razor shave with Astra razors, and a splash of Clubman Bay Rum aftershave.

I think its more of how those products came into my life rather then the quality of them.


I thave a paradoxical relatiionship with it.
It is very important to me and at the same time i don't care much about it. I care a lot about how i look and hair is to me a huge part of it but at the same time i don't care the hair specifically.
I am never happy with how it is cut and always try new cuts but none work the intended way.


i hate it
its disgusting
but i cant shave it
because i have an even more disgusting
disgusting weird skull shape


I'm getting seriously bold at the age of 18, so I will eventually shave it after I finish high school. Until then I guess I want to have as long hair as I can, before saying sayounara to it.


I have really messy curly hair that has always been hard to mantain. When I was a kid my mother just got it trimmed every time to the bare minimum, and even then I never combed it or brushed it so it was always messy and uncared for. Then as I grew and was able to get it long, it got worse. First because I still never combed it I got it tangled horribly. Then when I tried to get it long again I looked like sideshow bob from the simpsons, and people would yell that to me on the street…. I gotta say I'm also skinny and my hair bulks up and goes in all possible directions and it's impossible to give any shape or order.
Then I got myself some dreadlocks made but they didn't last long, then I shaved my head bald and went like that for about two years, until I left the razor on an ex-gf's house (she sent me back almost everything but the razon, even a Bookcase she had gifted me and now instead she gave it to my roomie) and I started growing my hair long. 6 months after I had a messy head again and my gf insisted getting me a decent person haircut. Now I look actually pretty good, it's the first time I like a haircut I have (besides baldhead, which I used to like a lot too).
I hardly get a chance to wash my hair though.
My hair is a very intrinsic part of my life and experiences.

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