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Kalyx ######

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Dark room. Rare site. Always connected except tonight. I wake up clutching with a furious grip at the sound at my door. I loosen my hold and exhale. I spring up already dressed. Bags packed. Alarm sounds off as I walk out my home. In the car. On the road. In the airport lot. A final concious breath of icy air. Deep and controlled. Prelude.


I like the rhythm you got here.


Facial recognition was optimal. Long flight to the nippon.


A long flight. I study and rest. All my dreams tell me I am already back. A blink and an epoch passed. Maya The Bee is a strange friend in these trying times. At least my sleep was timed well. I have no time to waste on jetlag. Tokyo. I prefer the Japanese country side but this is not my final destination. Out of the rising sun as quickly as I arrived.



Why do certain images not post?


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There is something about Japanese industrial vehicles.


Back in the land of my ancestors. The air is smoky sweet. The night still warm from the humid heat of day. Peddlers, scammers, pick pockets, buisnessmen, polizi, kidnappers if you are foolish. The people here are naturally kind. Our local terrorist groups are even oddly friendly. I am ready to work. I am tired. It may take a few days for further updates.


File: 1548316836940.jpg (588.41 KB, 1944x2592, IMG_20190124_095416.jpg)

¥€$. Money changing hands. Exchange. I have overstayed my welcome in this hotel. I dislike being a tourist against my will. Going to the blind orphanage. Ask them what they see. This place is filled with international beauty. Local guards with automatic rifles. Private. Police have no trigger control and military sweep everyone with little regard. Heads down. Eyes sharp.


glad to hear of your adventure. Hotels always make me feel that way. Once stayed in a place on the off-season, was the only guest, in a place with maybe 12 -20 rooms. The family who ran it were exceptionally nice. I felt like I was intruding.


As much as I love the city, it still deserves a nuke. Stray dogs and cats are plague rats. Kids playing in rotten food from the market. It is not without its charm. I know enough words to say yes, no, thank you,clean water, and fuck off. Few want to stay. Few ever leave. Playing bodyguard for the doctors is old. You see one alley in a shanti town you see them all. We leave for the island soon. Good work to be done there. Out of the sprawl. Finally.

Blind orphans was a bitter sweet experience. An all girl ophanage. They seem to be well taken care of but all had horrible abuse before they were found. One of the girls named Mery Ann got a kick holding my hand and feeling the knuckles and lines. Seeing my future.


File: 1548419270451.jpg (1.32 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190125_202641.jpg)

In the countryside. On the ferry. Exhale. A cold soykafty beer, warm sun, cool mist in the wind. First time I have been able to relax. Off the ferry. The wild dogs are much healthier. A good omen. I find out the room numbers. Exhale. Inhale. Sea salt air. The work will be hard but simple. A soldier turned doctor put it well. Save lives. Stomp out disease. Deep in the kimchi tomorrow.


>our local terrorist groups


File: 1548511103182.jpg (565.3 KB, 1944x2592, IMG_20190126_133228.jpg)

You should hear the accounts of the people who were held for ransom by them. Thankfully due to negotiations and peace talks in the last few years their brand of polite terror is rare these days.


I wake up before the rooster do. I share coffee with a local insomniac. We talk about the world while we stare at the ocean. Coffee back home tastes like bacon and cigarette smoke. Steak and potatos instead. The sky had some light to it now. I walk down the steps. Barefoot. Bare back. With the rising dawn on my back I race down the beach and.back again. I join our group in time for breakfast. We head to the hospital. Get things ready and cleaned up. The surgeons begin screening patients. Only six so far. "Go to every corner of this island and find them"


ugandaposter ?


File: 1548588510884.jpg (609.53 KB, 1944x2592, IMG_20190127_111726.jpg)

I wish. That guy can really dance.


A church was bombed today. One went off during mass and another as people tried to escape. I decide against running today. I eat light. Along with my current responsibilities I am observing multiple complicated surgeries. Today will set the tone.


A mother comes to us outside the hospital. She begs us to help her son. He has suffered a genital deformity that should be taken care of before three months old. He is seven. He has suffered great pain and is forced to stay in their small sheet metal home to avoid infection. I write down their info and direct them to the screening room.


I stand behind the shoulder of a hero. He teaches his team how to do a multi stage eight hour surgery in a single three.

Dawn becomes night. We go to the hotel. Cold water but at least it works. In bed. I miss talking to you. Goodnight.


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I am going to scrub in today. I have a much larger image gallery to post. Hope you all enjoy /med/


On a different island now. The local people performed their festival dance to us. Helped with a few surgeries last night. Held open a women's abdomen sowe could remove a.cyst covered uterus. We saved the ovaries though.


File: 1548905649015.jpg (1.71 MB, 2576x1928, IMG_20190131_113325.jpg)


File: 1548993248140.jpg (1.01 MB, 1928x2576, IMG_20190201_114151.jpg)

One hundred thousand citizens on this island and only one hospital. No running water. Tuberculosis is a serious concern. High tech? No. Maybe we are. All surgeons have decades of experience. Using hacked WiFi to keep in contact. Their xray machine should be in a museum. The people here smile bright despite it all.


File: 1549323846543.jpg (1.63 MB, 2409x1803, IMG_20190205_074026.jpg)

Back in the city. This place is not so bad. The work is done so I am less frusturated and anxious. Odd stuff today. Met some of the hacker culture of this place. Obsession with Cult of the Dead Cow. Chain smokers. No politalk. Later that night I ate with doctors, clergy and organized crime. The big three ways to get out of poverty quick here. Uncomfort is immeasurable. Will dump full gallery by this weekend.


Good stories so far alice. Why do they like cDc so much? Have a good time and stay safe.


You know I am not sure. Out of all of the old hacker groups it was an odd choice. I tried searching and could not find anything really related. I have to figure out what is up with the image upload here before I can post my full gallery.


Neurotic followers of a solid cult. Ban on politalk is prob what keems them from being labeled nuts. Much love nonetheless!

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