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Kalyx ######

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I went behind the gym and there was these exercise mats a few years ago, behind those mats I saw a girl, just chilling on her Ipod. She left quickly after being discovered and I looked behind there and it was almost as if an entire base was set up there. soykaf was freaky.




A friend went to catch a ball next to a narrow corridor and a white hand came from the wall and laid in his sholder.


I think they are referring to like a little 'nook' just for that person. A pillow fort like area. Sounds like the girl that got away tbh.

Our school had a lot of gang activity and our teacher was caught banging a freshmen. That is all I got.



at my middle school this guy hung himself on a swingset because of "my gwirl fwiend bwoke up witt me" -tier soykaf. It was really weird, I used to play Call of Duty 4 online with him and he just seemed like a normal kid who liked to game.

It is hard for me to imagine it being anything other than him having seen too many dramatic tv shows or movies where people kill themselves. It is hard for me to imagine wanting to die that much over something so minor and insignificant.


Maybe it was just a convenient excuse.

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