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Kalyx ######

File: 1546771035918.png (1.51 MB, 1512x1072, lain-bear-2.png)


so yesterday i was at the mall with my parent and one of her friends, i have alot of trust issues and my parents friend brought her daughter. it was wired award but i enjoyed her. we had a talk for a bit and it was fun. me and my parent went home after 5 hours at the mall. later the next day my parent got into a argument with me (because not passing soykaf) she gives me soykaf like "your so smart" for me not to be pissed because she is a jackass about everything. she brings up last night and how she told her friends daughter to "hang out with me" this made me so fucking upset with myself. i told her "thats bullsoykaf" she told me "she was scared that i would ask a question that she didn't know". the worst part is that her friend was also scared of the same thing. i went to my room and cried, this didn't help the fact that most of the people i know i think hate me behind my back. i still feel like soykaf because now idk if my friends irl were told to be friends with me. it freaks me out, not knowing who is real or not. what is the best way to cope with this im scared to ask anyone because it makes me sound like a loser neck beared glitterboy. this has been taking over my life and i dont know what to do.


File: 1546776793186.jpg (42.6 KB, 410x595, scenario_138_w410_h595.jpg)


Fuck man thats heavy don't listen to ur mum she sounds like a cunt and if this really bothers you ask ur friends about because it i could just be some soykaf your mum did to stir you up. also talk to people you trust or a therapist because it sounds like you have a bad home life.


File: 1546816153337.jpg (56.56 KB, 1008x720, lain-is-3d.jpg)

Thanks all talk to my Therapist about it, but i dont think i can ask my friends. they might just say there my friends for real. idk ill try to think of something but this is keeping me up all night, if anyone comes up with something PLEASE tell me. Thanks!


I hope things get better. You are in my thoughts.


Thanks a lot, no one has never told me that before


we're all rooting for you alice! hope stuff improves for you soon <3


File: 1546835751101.gif (910.2 KB, 480x272, Cry.gif)

thanks guys, i feel like i have my place again. this is way more than i deserve, you guys are better than any friends i could ask for.


File: 1546838705269.jpg (88.08 KB, 907x743, orange2.jpg)

Don't forget that for now you are not forever in the wired. You will always have friends here but there are good people afk that will care for you at the very least as much as we do. It is a small world out there. We might just meet.


IRL friends may or may not be fake, but random aesthetically pleasing people online are always brutally honest, and your mom has no idea where to ask us. Well unless they try to scam you for the lulz. I'm not helping, am I?


thank you for your words
you are


Yeah, I had the same experience aswell.
It sucks to feel alone, when you think people that you love don't give a soykaf about you, even if it's not true, it sucks anyways…


its good to know its not just me who feels this way. thanks again i haven't felt this good in a wile. getting though today was easier knowing these people care for me.


No problem, we are here when you need! ^^

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