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For those of you in a committed long-term relationship, how would you feel if you were to discover that your boyfriend or girlfriend were in fact an artificially intelligent android made of completely synthetic components? Would you still love them all the same or would your perceptions change? I'm not sure how I would answer the question myself, but it would likely depend on whether or not I believed that they truly experienced consciousness.


consciousness is impossible to perceive from the outside whether you human or not, and ain't we all machines anyway?


If I couldn't already tell, sure, why not.
I'd be disappointed with that person not being honest from the beginning, though. It'd be like a tranny not telling you he's a tranny, when you first meet him.
For me, it's not that the person is an android, but that they were dishonest about it.
I'd be fine with an honest android.


I wouldn't mind a droid girlfriend as long as she/it? is superrealistic

Of course we're talking about little more than an incredibly advanced sex toy here, at best a companion like a geisha

Lets be honest: the only real advantage over a regular meatbag girl is the possibility of control and not having to deal with the unpleasant side of a relationship.

Think of it like a car: it will take you from point A to B, it might not be "loyal" like a horse but it wont get tired, its easy to repair and it wont throw you off to the ground because its having a fit

She might not be "real" but if it fulfills all the functions you care about a "real" girlfriend then what's the problem?


You kidding? I'd love her more. I guess I'd be a bit miffed she was holding out on me.


Why are they under an obligation to disclose certain things about themselves when first meeting or entering a relationship with you? If you are sensitive about a particular issue—whether they are XY or XX; whether they are organic or mechanical—you can simply ask them. Only if they lie are they being dishonest. Otherwise you are basically accusing them of dishonesty for merely existing. Maybe instead you should have disclosed that you were a bigot.


File: 1495847243526.jpg (28.59 KB, 315x420, sci0903cyborg_A1_420.jpg)

>Of course we're talking about little more than an incredibly advanced sex toy here, at best a companion like a geisha
No. We're not. Lain is describing a fully autonomous person that just happens to be synthetic. In this hypothetical world androids would have to blend seamlessly into society otherwise the situation described in the original post could not happen.

Take someone you know and love today. Replace their insides with wires and circuit boards. Does that change how you feel about them? That is what this thread is about.


I'll address your questions in two parts. The first being "Would you date an android?" that you asked in the title and the second one "What if your SO was a bot?".

To start with the first one.

This is a tricky one Lain. I think we need to take into account several factors before I (or anyone for that mater) can answer this.

Is this android indistinguishable from a normal human? Or does it have all of the quirks of say Dorothy from The Big O?

> For me this wouldn't be a deal breaker. Quirks could be cute. However if I could pick a model that didn't have them I probably would.

Does she fulfill all of the needs that a meat grill does? Does she excel at fulfilling your needs?

> Emotional fulfillment is the difference between a relationship and hiring a prostitute.

Can you fuck it?

> Since the dawn of time man has always asked this great question and it's not different this time around. Sex while not the main focus of most relationships is still a big factor and one that can be ignored. If it can't take my dick then I'll stick with good old flesh and blood.

Can it have your kids.

> Important to some and less so for others. I could deal with not having kids if it met my other needs.

Really at the end of the day it's all about if meets what each and everyone of us is looking for in a relationship. For me I am looking for someone who I can feel safe around and that is on the same wavelength as me. Having never found that anywhere else you can bet your ass I would jump ship for the illusion of that. Heck I would even dump whoever I was with at the time for a droid that could give me that.

The only exception is if I found a human girl who gave me all of that. All things being equal flesh > chips.

As for the second question, it's fairly simple to answer once we get past the first part.

If after a fun night with the wife I scratch away some flesh by mistake and find her cold pulsing CPU I don't think a thing would change. Well I might tease her from then on out for keeping it from me.

> if SO cant into captcha do i keep fucking?



>Take someone you know and love today. Replace their insides with wires and circuit boards. Does that change how you feel about them?

The mere fact you know its artificial would change everything, you could still develop feelings but it would be more akin to loving a car, the exception would be the truly forever alone types like that emo black guy from detroit who lives with a realdoll and pretends it is his girlfriend rather than a sex toy

For those kinds of people these synths would be a blessing but at the same time a good enough synth might simply refuse to be with them just like a real person would in which case most people would ask whats the point of going through all the BS of a REAL relationship if the "person" is fake

Think about it, is like paying genuine imported gruyère prices for non-diary cheese in a can


File: 1495889372698.jpg (551.54 KB, 840x1078, robot-rights.jpg)

You keep making it out like we're talking about products you can purchase when we're actually talking about autonomous androids living their own lives. The question is whether or not—in this hypothetical world where androids and humans live harmoniously with one another—you would treat an artificial person differently than a natural one.


I don't think thats the question.
Perhaps a good analogy is more along the lines of:

You and a person you know, trust, and appreciate are out and about, doing whatever it is y'all do. Shopping, going out to eat, whatever. At one point something happens; your friend is crossing the street, doesnt see, a car comes out of no where and hits him down. You rush to see, to help if you can, and where parts of his skin are scrapped off on the pavement there is no blood, but a leakage of wires, some fluids leaking from pipes.

Now your friend never told you he was an android, but he probably never said he wasnt, either. You just assumed and he passed well enough that you had no doubts. Is he dishonest for not saying? Do you stop trusting him?

I feel like, personally inevitably I would view him differently. But I think that would happen at any time. The point is, he is the same person, no one scooped out his guts and stuck in some circuitry. You just learned more about him than before.

Am I being dishonest if I do not pass everyone I meet and befriend a copy of my biography, and emails/phone numbers to confirm who I am? Is it unfair to not tell a person that I meet that I was abused by my father? Or that I have a long history of depression? Or that I once spent an entire summer vacation making paper airplanes with my friends? Where do we draw the line between obligatory data and data that can be held in private, and what is the difference between prospective SO's and random acquaintances? Do I have to tell the barista that I am infertile, just because they might be a prospective sexual partner at one point down the line? I don't think so.

We keep some information private. Eventually, if we are intimate, we might be more forethcomming.

But, I am pretty sure that if I were an android in today's world, I would be very discerning about who I let know I was not human, and I would be paranoid about others discovering that fact. Not everyone is an asshole, but enough ignorant, nasty, and insecure people seek and exploit those who lack the power to retaliate. As an android, a minority that many people no doubt would hesitate to grant rights to, it would be imperative to not let that minority status be reviled.

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