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Kalyx ######

File: 1542260431602.png (72.54 KB, 420x364, my-precious-food.png)


How's Alice feel about food? Any particular likes? Dislikes?


My fish died in a very weird way when I was 4 o 5 years old and got a trauma with all kind of seafood.And this year I decided to quit coffee and change it for tea, it was rough for the first month but I was a great change


might sound childish but i have a distaste for vegetables, expect carrots and in term of what i like that would be any dish that has chicken in it or incorporates it in some way or form. also anything that goes well with root beer is a plus.


It's not necessarily a like or dislike, but eating pumpkin seeds will help thicken your hair if you are prone to hair loss. Also, cut back on sugar and avoid soda at all costs.


I like food. I hate tool-food whose sole purpose is to be healthy or achieve some goal. I have a particular thing for food that big men defending big forts would eat, but I don't overdose on it.


I've never really been a "food-motivated" person. In fact I find the whole process to be rather revolting. But a person needs nourishment, so what can you do?




> I have a particular thing for food that big men defending big forts would eat

Hardtack crawling with maggots? salt meat? The bodies of your dead friends during the sixth month of a blockade?


No, these are BIG MEN defending BIG FORTS. You don't just siege them until they begin to starve. There are three options here.
a) They'll either 420 noscope your general/king/leader from kilometers away with tools you lack the insight to craft or even understand. They then go have lunch in the canteen before the afternoon lectures or workshop.
b) They ride out and slaughter your commanders with a party of 42, and take home a few for dinner. Nothing like sheeple marinated with fear!
c) They've been ahead of you in maneuvering by 4.2 months and your siege camp is the grave you dug yourself as allies are already marching into your back. Your supply lines are gone and your men has hunted all the rabbits in the area so there's no food left; meanwhile the guys in the fort gawk at you from the walls snacking pretzels and sipping some fine ale.

Salt meat is pretty good tho.




are you kidding me with this soykaf?


I don't know why i thought that and i guess that makes sense really but it still just begs belief. I'll just say, sleep is seriously important.. frame of reference. This entire time.. i cant even believe it.

"they've been ahead of you in maneuvering by 4.2 months."
on reddit you mean?

no fucking way, just on fucking way
oh well.



you should probably kill me


I wonder what your diagnosis is/would be.

I'm simply elaborating on what I meant in >>2190




I think I will always like anything fried or heated foods. I don't think I have every liked anything that is very watery or cold. Of the meat categories, Chicken would have to be my favorite. Sometimes I can go without feeling hungry for a while if I am occupying myself with something else. I wish I had a wider taste in drinks because most of the drinks I try i end up not enjoying.


I really like savory, salty, fatty foods. Consequently I've become pretty good at making soups and stews, and I put effort into incorporating vegetables and legumes to keep it somewhat healthy. As a bonus these foods are relatively cheap if cooked from scratch and can be prepared in large batches. It's pretty basic, but I could probably eat stew everyday as long as I change up the recipe from week to week.

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