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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Can I vent? I need to get angry.

All my life people next to me either treat me like absolute soykaf, or they are so incompetent that they cause me harm out of their impressive stupidity, weakness and carefree character. Ever since I start on a project with anyone they all wait till the last moment like absolute morons to start working. 0 research, 0 trying, 0 abilities. 1 Year ago we were trying to build a web-based app for a project in college and out of 5 people only me and one more guy did all the workload. 2 people were given back-end development and they had the skill of a fish trying to climb a tree. Fucking morons couldn't devote 1 hour of their day to learn PHP to save their soul and in the end our website barely functioned. They wouldn't give a soykaf about communicating and always worked on old versions/ completely different functionalities, thus the webapp looks like a pretty turd with no functionality. We trusted them and they let us down. Best part is that they are ALWAYS complaining about the workload. Out of 5 people 3 didn't do anything and all three came to me trying to convince me that they worked hard. YOU DID NOTHING FUCK OFF.

But the worst thing is. They fuck up and they don't care. 0 shame.

Once again, we had to do a project few days ago, and I told them I would provide them with model answers in order to give them a heads up and help them a bit, I told them to change every exercise their way. BUT NO. These mongoloids copied every since thing and changed nothing. 0 effort. They couldn't take a day out of their mundane lives to change 100 words. And now everyone has to suffer the consequences of their laziness. Every paper given counts for 0 due to plagiarism and I gave time and effort to solve the whole paper twice (one for the model answers, and one for my personal answer paper).

I keep getting dragged down with these people that have never tried for once in their life, people are just fucking garbage and I am tired of helping idiots that only want to live for nothing. What the fuck is wrong with everyone, they don't even feel shame that they are making the lives of others harder. Why do they even think that they are trying with 1/5th of the effort others are making, they are garbage and this has been happening all my life.

I must stay alone, but everyone reaches out for me, everyone that doesn't matter. How can I become an asshole and tell everyone to fuck off?


Group work is soykaf. Give the other guys easy stuff, and set a due date for them to give it to you which is before the actual due date. Then if they fuck things up you have time to fix it. Meetings are soykaf but having at least a few meetings will allow you to figure out who is actually doing the work, so you can be prepared ahead of time for the people who fuck things up.


I'll be honest, I read the first few sentences, but angry men are hot



That's the problem, last project wasn't like a group project but these morons copy pasted the model solution I made for them, without changing absolutely anything. At least in the work project you get a grade, you can rate your coworkers and you don't fail with 0 because some fucking asshole cant use more than 5% of his brain.


We can arrange something.

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