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Kalyx ######

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I started to hate most people. I want to become hikikimori and just sit at home with my computer.
Most of people are dumb and i have an ability to persuade them to do anything i want, thats not interesting at all. What do you think, lain? what should i do?


Dont take the easy way out anon. There is poetic justice in hardship and difficulty.


Gee , I remember when I was 15 !


File: 1534774843532.png (757.19 KB, 1160x853, Screenshot_2018-08-19_01-0….png)

Don't we all? You'll begin to regret it once you lose the ability to take care of yourself.
If you're studying you could just save up money to buy some old house in bulgaria. Escape debt, put some soykafty solar panels on the roof and live there, even then you'd have no source of income for food.
Just keep doing what you're doing. You're only going to make it harder for yourself if you start taking risks and straying off the path society has laid out for you, unless you have solid independent income.


If you just want to be a hikki instead, you're probably delusional. While I am obviously not there and can't tell, I'd bet that people aren't really persuaded, it's just that you talk so much they say whatever you want to hear to make you stop, and you simply fail to pick up the social cues.

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