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Kalyx ######

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If you felt like you had limitless potential, what would you devote your life to doing?


What would be the point?


What made you think that you don't have limitless potential?







You cant prove you dont have unlimited potential


File: 1532514402991.png (216.78 KB, 413x653, terry.png)

Death seems like sufficient proof of a limit to potential that I don't think any rational person would disagree with. I also think there are physiological limitations to the human brain itself, I mean, look at the fact that your brain is actively forgetting large portions of your everyday life just days after you've lived it. That suggests to me that there are a limited amount of resources the brain is working with, only keeping the most important data to save on its limited resources. I guess one could argue that the human brain would no longer be a limitation in a trans humanist world, but considering that's still in the realm of science fiction I don't think its valid, at least not currently.


I would leave my life and the world as is, and waste most of my potential. This would help me show the world how things truly are.


File: 1532701438952.gif (5.44 MB, 640x345, hm.gif)

We are extremely limited and flawed by design, but I don't think we should make the conclusion that we don't have the potential to overcome these limitations. Perhaps there is potential for anything, it's just that haven't lived up to it yet. And if we had lived up to it, would it really matter?
Imagine if we were able to become immortal for example, would it make a difference? We'd still have all the other flaws we have, and most likely a bunch of new ones. Once you overcome a problem, you'll notice ten more, maybe that's just part of being human.
In the end it is very paradoxical, you kind of have the "potential", you may imagine things and start working towards manifesting them, but in the end a human being can only do so much. You may or may not succeed, and if you do, it probably comes with a price.
Maybe our true potential opens up when we accept our limitations in this reality and start shifting our focus towards the things we are passionate about and the things we can actually have an impact on. That's something I'm aiming towards.


I want to do so many things and every next one is preempting the other, so being full of potential would probably be my choice, like constantly pressured spring, ready to eject loads of motivation into a single leap, but unable to set direction.


perhaps my potential is limited, if it is I certaily don't know those limits, however.

I think I'd do exactly what I'm doing now, to be quite honest. I'm not sure if I'm doing that much, sometimes life seems pointless but I keep doing things and I feel, and I hope, that I have a positive impact on people, and on the broader world.


Not sure what unlimited potential entails, but I would work on making myself as immune as possible the aggressions of the world, and after that, I'd dedicated my life to taking care easing the suffering of animals, any one, in any way.


I do feel I have limitless potential at least toward the goals/desires I'm interested in.

I don't know that what I'm actually doing with that potential is all that important.


File: 1534200361554.jpg (44.68 KB, 524x666, lain.jpg)

I also feel that i have limitless potential.
I'll devote my life becoming to love lain.


I do have limitless potential and I will not crack!


File: 1536819833131.jpg (39.74 KB, 900x374, row_row_fight_the_power_by….jpg)


Do the impossible


File: 1536834394234.jpg (81.66 KB, 250x195, superintelligence.jpg)

>If you felt like you had limitless potential, what would you devote your life to doing?
Solve the control problem.


Everything has limitless potential, as everything and any subset of everything is just blobs of chaos playing along with some rules for the giggles. As such, at any moment any person, dog, tea spoon or molecule of calcium oxide could just stop giving a fuck and turn the universe into a fried potato with an exquisite chimney on top.


> a fried potato with an exquisite chimney on top.
what even is a fried potato?
you just fry the whole thing?..

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