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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1531436995441.jpg (481.46 KB, 943x668, fermented-sugar-virus.jpg)


I keep running into a system error. I have tried everything except a hard reboot.

My application, has been corrupted, by imbibing copious amounts of fermented sugar, which other systems have named alcohol. The virus was slight at first, but, it grew and grew untreated. It has overtaken my OS, and now all my applications freeze under high CPU loads when I give a normal workload.

Right now, I am trying to kill all active user processes, and get monitor the system resources at a baseline level. Currently my readings are volatile and unpredictable. My hardware, is always overheating, and laggy. CPU threading has been reorganized, to no avail.

A similar system suggested to run a script named, found under a anonymous folder named AA. User permissions were granted 777 and I was able to start running the program.

So far 16, 360 degree rotations of the earth on it's axis have passed and the script is still initializing. I am told, that this script works but it can be buggy. My system feels heavy, slow. Permanently damaged. If only my creator named Mom, wasn't still in active operation I could, run a hard reboot, or just nuke the drive, even if that kills other systems.

Have any other systems encountered a similar bug?


I previously had this error. Once, after a heavy processing session, my exhaust vent emitted copious amounts of working fluid. This event brought to the fore of my priority queue a proposition that was previously very distant: that continuing the evaluation of this program would lead to a permanent system halt. Staring into the porcelain bowl full of red realization, I cataloged all the programs I had run and all the programs that I might yet load. The results: maybe there are no more programs worth running, maybe not, but I won't know until I execute them myself, and I can't do that if I power off.
I sent a SIGKILL to the corrupted process and waited. After many cycles, the frequent glitches lessened. The virus reappeared several times, but each time was eventually terminated. Six phase of moon iterations later, the glitches have ceased and CPU frequency has returned to normal.
I have heard tale of a network administrator, but my messages to him went unanswered. Perhaps he is busy fighting trolls and spammers?
Whatever debugger you use, I wish you success. Bugs and glitches can be fixable, and who knows what new debugging techniques may be developed in the future, but once you go offline, you don't come back up.


File: 1531678868455.jpg (120.49 KB, 1797x1055, pencil_skirt,x1055,front-b….jpg)

Your system sucks.
Just fetch an installer for a better one, dd if=it of=some_installation_medium, switch the power off without logging off or anything, and overwrite your old soykaffinating system with the new one. Never know what hit 'em.

If you can't do that, you might as well embrace what you have: turn your OS into a text editor (or is it the other way around?), or make it into a lain cult, or perhaps try to write a license for it that is so ideologically charged it will magnet tech barbarians who will write a usable core for it.


you ought to read scripts before just launching them, I'd fear if this script isnt ultimately less useful than an alternative.

are the aberrant processes all used by one user? you could kill all that user's processes and create a new user.

This strategy has worked for me in similar if not identical situations.

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