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Kalyx ######

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i started writing my diary one week ago. i've got black amazement today when i wanted to write a few lines in a diary, and discovered that there are description of this day. I remember that i writed it yesterday(7). Its not mistake. The time on my computer is correct, all the people that i asked says that today is 8. I always write time in my diary. there are sequency of days, no one is encluded. What the fuck? have i lived one day twice and not observed it? Than why my diary contains these lines? What should i do, alice?


Maybe you have a gap in your memory and don't remember that you already wrote in your diary or perhaps a delusion is in effect of some parraler ego ( like tulpa, but unconscious) or
substancies you taking, drugs, alcohol
emotional shock occured and vanished one of your cell responsible for particular time, I'm just guessing


Check the CO2 levels, there was a guy convinced that his landlord was breaking into his apartment and putting up strange notes, but it was actually the guy himself becoming delirious from the CO2 levels and writing notes to remember stuff.


how accurate is it to the current day u describe?

Im very curious


> Its not mistake.
What you wanted to say is "I am very sure it's not a mistake", and that is where you are wrong.


Bruh youve got bigger problems if the laws of reality arent constant


Just so nobody is confused, it was carbon monoxide (CO), not CO2.

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