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Kalyx ######

File: 1528218835298.jpg (69.16 KB, 1520x1080, laingel.jpg)


I love to drink and smoke. I tried to quit smoking cigarettes before, but I suppose I didn't actually want to quit.
Tell me your vices, Alice.
Have you tried to put them behind you before? Were you succesful?


Coke, alcohol and prostitutes.

You feel on top of the world for a few hours and then you feel on the bottom for the rest of the month. That is, of course, if you have a regular job and don't have a lot of money. If I had the money to do it everyday I don't know what would happen to me.


File: 1528379520695.jpeg (29.16 KB, 492x366, forever.jpeg)

my consumable-oriented vice is probably weed, though I only really enjoy it around other people. I mostly stopped smoking when I stopped having a roommate
my time-wasting vices are video games, internet news, and anonymous imageboards. Imageboards I had a good break from 2010ish-2013ish and 2015ish-2017ish, but anon just feels like home in a way I can't really describe.


I think I have to quit drinking and smoking cigarettes. After having alcohol withdrawals dozens of times, losing many more friends than I've kept and essentially accomplishing nothing for the last 1/4 of my life, nothing was enough incentive until this…

I developed a form of eczema lately and have linked the severest outbreaks to drinking and smoking. In the middle of a binge I can't feel it but my skin goes blotchy. As soon as I run out of money and the D-Ts set in, my skin feels like it's being stabbed all over, at random, by dozens of needles. It makes sleep almost impossible for about three days.

I did see a dermatologist who said it was eczema but I kinda self diagnosed this link to the external substances, and everywhere I look online there are articles corroborating it. My life is a steaming pile of garbage already, this just puts it over the tolerable limit.


It took me a few "attempts" to quit smoking, I went back to it a few times because of the social aspect. Haven't smoked in a few years now. I drink very rarely, I've never been the kind of person who drinks long periods at a time, I go over the top once and stay sober for the rest of the year…
I feel you, I also had a lot of problems with my skin in the past (my eczema got infected all the time…). Cutting out smoking really helps.


If you're not addicted to at least nicotine and or caffeine in 2018 then you're a square.
My real addiction is information.


Yeah the cheapest of skin creams (Nivea) makes a huge difference. Even the marks I've had for months and thought were permanent scars are clearing up now. A better solution of course, or part of the solution at least, is to not smoke.

Who knew smoking would cause this? Apparently you sweat some of the poison out, that's why it affects your whole body. I've heard Hollywood actresses say smoking is the worst thing you can do for your skin. There isn't a single long term benefit of it, and the negatives are wider ranging than just cancer and heart disease.


>caffeine addiction
for real though. At least I don't get the shakes without it like I used to (~700mg/day for ~3 years, tapered down to a cup or two of tea a day now)


Interesting. I get the opposite of anything shaky. Tunnel vision, headache, the feeling that 40 lbs of lead is distributed around my body and my IQ drops by about 1/4. A single cup of coffee clears up most of it, another two or three and I'm optimal.


oh no, i had those as well - but my hands would also shake, just barely visibly, until I had my first can of the day.

also, never not having the soykafs was obnoxious.


File: 1528694402300.jpg (31.09 KB, 480x447, boyustupid.jpg)

>ur not cool if u dont smoke and drink monstur energy and have le ebin starbucks coffee!!!
Tell me when you graduate from high school, kid.


> mommy what is hyperbole?

Also starfux??? Who dose you thinks we are here?


File: 1528715806480.jpeg (29.79 KB, 616x462, 1413404558868.jpeg)

I chew on ice from my cup when I drink water.


A little meth, bathtub psychedelics and various inhalants may be cyberpunk as hell but you have a serious problem. There is a line and that is well over it. Seek some help, for your own sake.


I hate how people glorify coffee and boast about how much they drink and how they can't function without it.


I hate global warming, the high cost of living coupled with a decline in quality of life, and the threat of another global conflict within my lifetime. Must be swell on your planet if you have time to hate that.


I agree with the sentiment if applied only to coffee but
>I hate how people glorify X and boast about how much they Y and how they can't function without it.
is pretty valid.
I live in a country that glorifies beer and that is not a healthy state of mind at all. It thrases lives countless times a year.
Vices are not be treated as good. It even has some effect on global warming.


I love how upset caffeine addicts become when someone points out how insane their dependence is. Not being able to function as an ordinary human being without first intaking stimulants is not a healthy condition.


I'm not addicted to anything consumable afaik.
I have yet to smoke a cigarette. Or anything.
Occasional energy drink, but I don't need it. Don't like coffee's taste.
I live in a country where it's less prominent. Also, pricy. People ask me what I'm on anyway when I let my ideas loose.
I drink irregularly, mostly social. Just beer until I'm tipsy, or 2-3 occasions a year I knock myself out at a party for the lulz, and to experience the void.
I wouldn't say it takes too much of my time, so it's kay.

I'm saying all this because despite not having problems with any of these, I'm mostly just wasting my time/life; if you think one of these substances cause you to waste away, don't expect it to go away just by stopping the substance.


> I love how upset…

> I hate…

The only one upset here is you, Broseph. People concerned about other people's lifestyles enough to preach at that them might think about evaluating their own a little closer.


I don't even drink coffee or anything with caffeine. Reread my post over and over until you understand what the words mean.
Chill out.


Vices, deep breath okay.

Well like where does one really even start. The way a horny woman looks at me. The way drugs make me forget, in the moment, how pointless everything is.

lets see, orgasm. How about life, I'm addicted to getting more chances and doing more things in the hope that it changes, changes,.. well anything.

Alcohol i wouldn't count as a vice of mine, grew up around a lot of alcohol and the consequences so i guess i got my fill young.

I do smoke cigarettes, its more of a social mechanism. I never want to smoke unless I'm around people.


File: 1528978117979.png (914.98 KB, 1000x1400, 1516981536930.png)

My vice is bumping from insane woman to insane woman in three month intervals. I know they're insane when I start and I know how it will end when day 90 comes around.


Alcohol, mostly, though I am also fond of getting enough high-intensity exercise to meaningfully damage my body. I'm a masochist, and I like to go until it hurts.


You know, fapping.

>Have you tried to put them behind you before? Were you succesful?

Yes. No.

Seriously, you can think that's nothing, but there is a thing that happens to me. I wake up in the middle of the night, horny, but with my thoughts all messed up because of the dream, lines between conscious mind and unconscious totally blurred, so I can't really think, so I do really gay stuff and I can't control myself. That happens like, once a month, I had this today and I am pissed/sad. Today, in my imagination I represented my country and I was competing with china, so I had to masturbate or something. Pretty bad.

Will try again to stop this. It's so intense, could it be just hormones?


File: 1529963860291.jpg (133.92 KB, 676x480, lain.jpg)

For some reason my vices have seemed to have disappeared over time. The only vice I have left are the most harmful ones to me, laziness and binge eating. I've been getting over the laziness pretty well over time, I've been actually doing things that I need/want to in my free time instead of doing almost nothing for huge periods of time. The binge eating is still enough of a problem that I still get sick from it sometimes, but it's more of a twice a month thing when it used to be something I'd do multiple times a week. I almost wish I could get some more vice in my life, I used to be obsessed with pornography but I've been almost asexual for a couple of years now. I've tried drugs but I've never really felt like using them again, caffeine, adderall, weed (edibles, dabs, smoking), alcohol and psychedelics at least have been very neutral for me, even when I physically feel euphoria.



Is the problem the frequency of these incidents that interfere with your sleep? Or the content of the visions? Fap-O-lympics sounds awesome to me.



The problem is that I do really gay things, doesn't fit with my personality at all. Also, it's not visions or sounds, it's a bunch of hardly controllable random thoughts, that makes me unable to think properly. Did you ever meditate? After a certain time, thoughts will emerge from your unconscious mind, it's like this, but with a bigger influence on my behavior. When that sexual experience happened, I knew that I was masturbating, but everything I did was justified by those thoughts, like, I need to masturbate because I am competing to see which country has more political influence, so I forget why I shouldn't do what I was doing, all blurred.

After that, I go lay in my bed to try to sleep, in my thoughts (I was not hearing voices or anything), I was talking to two persons, like if my bed was shared by three individuals, not in a sexual way tho. Then I realize this and try to silence this thoughts, after a while, other crazy thoughts are generated. Really strange.


Nothing gay about good ol patriotism fren
I'd stroke my cock for my country any day of the week



I didn't say the gay part, lol.


Ok, so you're a closet case. Embrace the way of cock and lead a happier life.

> doesn't fit with my personality at all

Personality has zero to do with sexual preference.


I only tried non-alcoholic beer with my parents. But other then that, nothing much, really.


No comment on my vices, but I know yours is hentai and the internet.


I got a whole escapism thing going on. I do drugs all the time to distract myself and to make my sad and boring life more enjoyable. Everyday is more or less the same and I like it to some degree, but I can feel the consequences coming closer. I barely consume porn, movies or games anymore. Most of my time I waste on the interwebs, listening to music and dosing my brains out.

Apart from my drug addiction, I'm into self harm. Since puberty I get boils and comedos on my back and shoulders. Squeezing them turned out to offer mental relief, even though it is rather painful, worsens the inflammation and leaves ugly scars all over the place. I've not been to the pool in years.


Guess again.


File: 1531810749469.png (4.31 KB, 250x275, received_1522842607783536.png)

I guess sex and masturbating but im in a relationship so could the sex even be considered a vice, i drink on the weekends but rarely get drunk it makes me feel awful


>I barely consume porn, movies or games anymore. Most of my time I waste on the interwebs, listening to music
This but I don't do drugs. The Internet is a hell of a drug. Get nothing out of it, bored all the time, but can't get away from it. Been like this since I was about 11. When I play games, I feel like I'm wasting my day so I quit after about a half hour, then I spend 9+ hours refreshing imageboards. I can't stop; I don't know how to stop. I have to use a computer for work so not having one is not exactly an option.


You could try to cut the internet connection, if you don't have any particular business to attend at the net. Maybe turn off your router or even unplug it, make it harder than clicking on an icon, so you have to invest some effort like a barrier to cross! Before going back online, make a list of stuff you want to do and set a time limit for lurking and posting!

Internet addiction is serious soykaf.

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