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Kalyx ######

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How do you deal with all of the evil in the world, Alice? I don't mean by doing something to stop it, (but if you do then I'd like to know) but more so knowing that this stuff happens and just being able to acknowledge that it happens and still be content.
I have moments where I can, because I know that there's no point thinking about it or worrying if I can't do anything to stop it, but coming across it sometimes does get to me sometimes.


What makes you feel so important that you don't have to fight it? That you got "other problems" to deal with? Like what? School? Work? Diminishing social life?
I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but you might be suffering from cognitive dissonance, you believe there is wrong with the world, and don't do anything to stop it. If that's the case, it quite literally makes your brain chemistry make you feel bad. You've got a bunch of options:
1. change what you perceive as wrong
2. act to eliminate the wrongs
3. remove yourself from witnessing wrongs (stop reading the news, stop browsing websites that show you the wrongs, etc)

3 is probably the worst option but whatever, it'll work to keep your daily sanity.


Mankind has been trying to root out evil in the world for a very long time my friend, some random on an imageboard likely won't fare much better than those before him.

Should the small opportunity present itself then yes, right the wrong in front of you, no matter how trivial it may be. Other than that , it would be best if he focuses on his "other problems," such as work, school, his social life. You know, the areas where he can actually make change for the better.

To answer the OP: I see evil in the same manner as I do clouds, forests and mountains; its part of being on this cerulean death-orb and that's not going to change. I'm not entirely certain what evils you refer to exactly, but personally I find it best to accept most of it, as there is little that can be done by just me alone. However, my advice to you would be to focus on the evil within your sphere of existence and do your best to remedy it when at all possible; at the very least you can control your personal life and try to keep it on the straight and narrow.

The world can fend for itself. Make differences where you can. No use fretting over what you can't change.


Suffering and injustice is the default for most of life, its no point in getting hung up on it. Thankfully the world is advancing evermore.


We'll find things to consider suffering and injustice even in a utopia. At least until we start bio hacking our brains, but I don't think we'll consider ourselves humans by that point.


>>1622 is so incredibly right. These are the three choices you will have when you reach a certain level of awareness. There's no "not making a choice". Gotta pick. Good luck OP, don't kill yourself.


"Evil" is a phantasm.
Bring on the next weepfest onto the front page of /all.

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