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Kalyx ######

File: 1525916235003.png (19.97 KB, 500x500, 1521017439090-0.png)


hello anons…. i'm having a bad day i have no friends my boss and people i work with screams at me
class no one to sit with or in lunch wish i was loved


I love you, Alice.
Keep pushing on…


File: 1525977219599.jpg (107.2 KB, 1920x1040, 1413741407935.jpg)

Some time passed and you're probably better now. What gets you through bad days?
I doubt (and seriously hope not) that posting on arisuchan is that big a part of it.
My interest is mostly selfish, perhaps improve my own coping, but they say helping is its own reward…

Also if you have literally nobody to talk to, making friends only isn't that scary.


meant online


have you considered quitting your job?
im not suggesting it but its something i frequently think about

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