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Kalyx ######

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So my "girlfriend" just texted me that she didnt have anymore feels towards cause of my clingy behavior.
Any of you anons have some tips to get with it ?
Most of the time i can stay ok but only for a sceond and then it hurts…


The harder you try not to think about it the more you will. It'll take time to get over it, not saying it's all of your fault but maybe take this time to be introspective about your own behavior.


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thanks pal, youve been of a great help :)


> maybe take this time to be introspective about your own behavior.
or just move on when you realize a person isn't looking for the same thing you want.


Staying apart may have a positive effect on your relationships—she might start missing you. If you’ll always be there she won’t get a chance to miss you. Don’t repeat my mistakes.


You should consider talking to other girls too.
Avoid having a one-itis attitude toward women.

Discover the benefits of solitude, it's not as bad as you think.


Kill yourself, you whiny little bitch.
Either that or stop falling for them and live a life of a solitary enlightened man.


lift, try to plan a trip somewhere this summer to have something to look forward to, like in another country or somewhere you've never been; even if you're poor for three months afterwards it's worth it.
also no one likes clingy people, stop doing that


From one helpless clingy glitterboy to the next , it can be a little tough to avoid being such an annoyance when you don't notice you're doing it. There's nothing with being affectionate but know when less is more, too much and you'll burn them out. Some introspection is not a bad idea. Try and recognize some of the clingy mannerisms and think of when you should limit them, when appropriate.

This kind of thing is tough man but time heals all wounds. Just hang in there. There's not much else you can do.


Remember this pain, and use it to make yourself stronger.


Obviously the only answer is murder-suicide.


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