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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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im a cryptography fan. People become dreadful beggars. They dont want have any rights, dont want to have own secrets, own life. They give everything about themselves to the internet. Its terrible. Im making projects for privacy, but who will use it except few cipherpunks? I hate world like this. I think Big Brother started watching me, but why im still free? I dont know what should i do in life, what do you think, Alice?


You make usuable crypto like Signal. Moxie, the guy behind it, is a pragmatic crypto-anarchist who realised there is no point in making systems people wont use. And you are on the wrong site, discord is the biggest chat client on this site.


Are you suggesting he should use another site so there is even more discord spam here? How does this improve the situation?

What are you working on? Millions of people look into cryptography these days, especially since snowden all kinds of encryption tools have a lot more momentum I think.


Discord spam wont ever leave, its a part of this site. Why else would Arisu be affiliated with tsukichan that is 100% discordglitterboying? The people here who arent larpers are in the minority.


I'm making my own crypto-algorithms for fun, my own dezentralized crypto-network, write articles and so on. I see three types of people: Wannabe, True and "don't cares". Films like whoami and mr. robot are motivating school-guys to try information security, but they just damage everything. Also there is another problem: Mobile-slavery. People doesn't need computers nowdays, they are completly not interested in privacy and security. Also another problem are crypto-miners that thought that they are cipherpunks. It annoys so much. Its very hard to find anybody like me and it becomes harder everyday so im forced to work alone.
War is Peace,
Freedom is Slavery,
Ignorance is Strenght


Also i dont know what should i do with big brother. If he watching me - why im free? If not - why? I made so much. He had to detect me(COPM). I cant understand. What should i do, Alice?

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