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Kalyx ######

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Hello lainons
I'm a friend of you from Turkey.
Let me introduce myself…
I'm 19 high school drop out(i graduated it later) an asocial assburger.
I interested in computers science since 8-9 years old.
I don't have friends , girlfriend etc.
I'm studying to university exam this year.
But I don't have a goal.
I don't want to do something.
I know live has a point but i can't enjoy while living.
Most of this problems releated my country probably.
Weird country weird people.
Anyway guys.

I need a goal.
What are beauties of world,sciences,girls etc?
I know life worths to live. I should live because of religional reasons.


Why does computer science interest you in the first place?


oh sorry.
I tried to say computers, science.
I was a little boy reading our national science magazines Science and Kid , Science and Technology published by TUBITAK.
I had no chance for learning programming languages.
I had a internet connection when i was 12-13


>I tried to say computers, science.
Oh, fine…
But what about those magazines captivated you as a child? What do you enjoy about computers and science?


Electronics , model planes , system programming etc.
They were hobbies and my parents didn't like them.


Why not make those things, and maybe meet other who do too?


I didn't keep a girls hand ever.
I am scaring If I always be nerd :(
I see them kiddy hobies.
I have internet friends who do them as real job.
They are weird guys.
Whatever I think physics is good for me.
I am interested in how universe and matter works.

Is there anyone who works on Artifical Intelligence?
Its interesting thing.


I was trying to drive the conversation but seems i have to say this now
It's okay if you don't have an objective in life, as long you're doing what you like it's fine. Your problem is not that you lack an objective, maybe thre is a different type of void in your life


With my all respect ,
I am sorry for my English.
Time is 3:00 am and I will sleep. Then I will wake up for morning praying at 6:00 am.
I don't have friends and I don't know intelligent persons.
I'm living in a little city.
I can't believe people are living.
I can't believe people are loving themselves , earning money , doing science, writing code etc.
I am really abstracted from life.
I'm sorry for making you busy. You don't have to write something.
I only need talk. I'm writing my feelings on imageboards.


You should expand your horizons dude, can't you go to college/university in a big city or another country?


Make money online, offer your services to high GDP countries for peanuts and get the bulk of the money on the extras. Do something basic for $5 or whatever, but work to order and refuse to do anything else except for another $5, and include all the extras someone could ask for on the menu. Protip: Perfect your grammar, spelling and syntax in Turkish and use google translate to translate it to English, if it translates back to Turkish perfectly, it's also in perfect English.

Fiverr, SEOclerks, Gigbucks, Fourerr, FiverUp, Tenbux, SEOmarts

Which one to pick? All of them. It takes a while for work to come in when you begin and accounts get terminated regularly.

So yeah, pretty much /z/ and /cyb/. You have no friends, your family won't help you making money, but you want to see life and have the skills to do it? Pretty obvious the answer is making some cash and doing some travelling. Being Turkish there's a good chance you can get an EU passport, which gives you access to some of the greatest parts of the world with just a car or some cash for the train.


I'm trying to go university this year.

I always think about that.
I will do that. Thank you for reminding and giving tips.




I bet you are cute as fuck.
Send some nudes and I will provide you with all the meaning you want.


I didn't see this. Sorry. I assure you you don't want see hairy Turkish man.


Good bye virtual world. I'm leaving all imageboards and most of social media.


take care, it's cold


what make you think so

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