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Kalyx ######

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Do you feel human? Do you want to be human? I personally spend my entire day looking at a computer screen processing and putting out information, in my gut I know this is as far from the human condition as you can get. Whatever our ancestors did to survive and thrive enough for us to get to this point… this isn't it. The way they lived hardwired their brains to get pleasure out of certain things and to breed certain habits. Habits that we are getting away from and still surviving. Maybe our brains weren't meant to do this. All this typing and reading and listening, I don't feel like I'm truly living. I'm simply prolonging my existence. The threat of death is irrelevant to me, I don't feel it in my day to day.
If not human than what are we and what are we becoming? What are we training our brains to do and what could that possibly mean for any offspring we might have? I'm not sure if I want to live like this any longer.


File: 1494385967910.jpg (131.21 KB, 650x984, 9lOqEA6.jpg)

It can already be argued we aren't "human" anymore, we are moving to a state of being transhuman, I welcome out new cyborg overlords and hope I can join them. We will find new pleasures, and new conquest together!


Well my idea of human is a destructive pleasure seeking savage, so I guess we are still, and will always be, human


I feel human. I have feelings, and desires. I desire to be the best I can be. I desire the best world possible.
I enjoy reading. I enjoy photography. I enjoy computers. I enjoy sex.
I can overcome human instinct, but as long as I don't have low standards, I know I am human.
Death isn't a threat, but an option. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Having kids is unethical
>not sure if I want to live
Good: that means you're free from the coercion to live.

And yes, most of all in life, I do want to be human, and I'm happy to be. Humans can do so much, if they aren't prohibited from reaching their potential.


I think the… not mindless, but bodiless(?) processing of information is intrinsic the human condition. The two things humans are best at are thinking and surviving. Spending the majority of your time in front of a computer screen processing abstract information, becoming little more than a computer yourself might sound depressing, but think about it – what separates man from beast but his mind?

Sure, it's definitely no BAD idea to step outside and get some fresh air. But I think that thought itself is at the core of the human condition, not hardship or industry or action or anything like that. The very reason we build houses is to give us a calm place to think.


>any offspring we might have
I still feel like a real human bean. I'll always be an irrational manchild stuck in the early 2010s. I'm a Terran NEET soykaf brewer from the early 21st century!


File: 1494451105472.jpg (12.43 KB, 443x250, e930a8a7526870c3c0a98d6a22….jpg)

negative, I am a meat popsicle.


I don't know if I feel or want to be human. But I do believe that I am human.
Whatever that means. I spend a lot of my day behind a screen, but sometimes I just get the craving for social interaction. That's an easy craving to sate.
The craving for affection or mostly just human touch is rather hard.
The only way I can really do that is when I am home and my mum hugs me.
But it won't sate my craving for being touched by a S.O.
I'm constantly skinhungry.


>I don't know if I feel or want to be human. But I do believe that I am human.
I know that feel.

>craving for being touched by a S.O.

I know that feel.

On the one hand it sucks, I often wish I could delete my human nature but on the other hand if these feelings just disappeared I feel like you are left feeling empty with a void inside. It sounds weird but often one can want to want these things. When you successfully overcome the feelings you end up feeling empty and you want the feelings back to fill the void left by them.


>do you feel human
hell if I know. I've only ever been a human, so I suppose that's what being a human feels like
>do you want to be human
I'll answer that question if you show me what alternatives there are.
>If not human than what are we and what are we becoming
I think we don't have enough time left on this earth to become something new. I think that until the day we die we will always be hairless apes who were built to trek the savanna and are totally out of their element in the modern age.
>What are we training our brains to do and what could that possibly mean for any offspring we might have
On the off chance we survive all the impending crises, we will probably adapt and evolve to fit our situation better. Eventually we will probably be metabolically optimized for the disuse of all our limbs and constant lying down or sitting still.

I don't want to be dependent on any technology that I can't build myself. Luckily we ain't too far gone. The internet is a blip of a blip on the evolutionary time scale of our species, and we can disassociate ourselves from it with a bit of determination and purpose.


>All I want is to be remembered
I have a similar but different thought. I'd like to make permanent, great changes to the world, but I don't really like the spotlight. But the spotlight will be an unfortunate side effect of making a better world, if I ever do that.
But I'll likely commit suicide before then.
I used to be skinhungry, but then I got tired of Grindr, tired of people with no intellect. Now I don't do much, but I keep wishing both for true love and for BDSM.
>we can disassociate ourselves from it
Why would you want to do this? To take away this great freedom? Without the internet, my life would be so much more painful, and my life full of so much more abuse.


(I was >>145)
I think the internet is wonderful, but it's a dependence that I could do without. I think I would be better off weaning myself from it. If you want to keep it, go ahead.


I think being human means abstraction with boredom and curiosity. Unlike animals which seem generally content when not driven by any instinct or need, humans abstract things away, and thus get bored of anything. They even get bored of being content, and so they never are. They want to try those things, they want to see, they want to know. They want to do better than whatever was the best so far, they want more and get greedy, unless they got bored of wanting more, or are curious what is it like not to. They only ever stop when they break (becoming something less than human) or when they die.

In this sense, I like and want to remain human. As for spending most of my day looking on a computer screen processing information, I have no qualms as it hasn't ran out of new things, and so far I haven't abstracted it away well enough to make it boring. Nevertheless I understand that there are more complete things to abstract that include but are not limited to this lifestyle.


Agreed about this.


I like the sensations and mixed emotions. Abstractions and information are alright I guess. I'm tired of pretending that I subscribe to some vague form of virtue ethics through my intellect though or that I'm above my sensations.

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