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Hello Alice. Me and my girlfriend are currently in high school. I love her so much but she has mental issues that she has wanted to get professional help for a long time. Now is her chance to do so but it will mean she will have to be admitted there for treatment and will miss school for a month and will come home only at night. Im happy for her that shes getting the help she needs but during this we will only be able to call and unlikely to meet in person due to the medication testing she will undergo making her behavior unpredictable and that I should stay away so as to not have an impact on her. I will miss her so much. I dont know what to do in this time. Of course I know I have to just continue to do well in my classes but I will be alone again. I dont connect to people well and have no friends other than my best friend who is my girlfriend. without her is going to be so hard. I feel so helpless and dont know what to do.


Stay strong anon, it's only a month, it will be over before you notice it. Everything is going to be all right.


Use this month as an opportunity to change that part of you. You obviously don't like that part of yourself. Maybe this is the kick-in-the-ass you need to finally get up and fix it. Make connections when it's hard - it is for most everybody


It sounds like you are hyperdependent on your girlfriend's presence to be satisfied with yourself. This is not a healthy relationship.

It's easier said than done, but try to find some way to connect with people who are not your girlfriend, since it seems (from your post) that you rely on social connections to give you some drive in life. Whether that is over the internet or in real life, make some connections.

Or if you can't do that, try learning something like knitting or drawing so you can impress your girlfriend with a cool project when she gets back, while simultaneously keeping yourself distracted from whatever bad feelings you have.


From my experience in the mental hospital, having visitors REALLY helps. Having family visit every day is what got me through my stay.

The mental hospital, contrary to expectations, is a very hostile environment to recover in. It's primary value is in seeing a doctor every day.
Being in one is a difficult ordeal to go through. Call the hospital and ask them when visitation hours are, and visit her now and then. If she's down when you see her or doesn't say much, don't take it personally.

You will only be a help to her, not a burden. Trust that.


This. During my first stay, my parents came to see me and that got me through it relatively faster. My second and third times I had no visitors at all; it was hell and being there made me feel like I was going insane.

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