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Kalyx ######

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Daily reminder to get up stretch and take a break from the computer, go outside and go for a walk, make sure to eat something and stay hydrated. I care about you all.


don't tell me what to do you nerd


Aww. Thank you, lain. I care about you too. Do you use a program to remind yourself to take breaks? I tried to a couple times, but I always end up deleting them. I just can't get off the computer like ever. I am way too addicted.


I want a program like that it would definitely help me be more efficient



>going outside ever
HAHAHAHAHA. I've never been able to stay hydrated any day of my whole life it seems.


Just get a glass bottle and use it for water.
That's what I do, I got a bottle of VOSS water because it came in a glass bottle and I have ben using that ever since.


Go outside? Why? I have everything I need in here , this is my life and I love it. We are bound by our physical body it's desires and needs to sustain our continued existence, it is not perfect , prone to damage. We need to take care of it until we get our consciousness into machines, Machines which are much better than our physical selves.

So this is a reminder to get up and hydrate yourself , have some food , get some rest if needed. You will be much more productive when you do this.


My elbows hurt… wat do?



you gotta take care of your body lain, its a temple.

I hope you wash it daily. Id recommend using a stainless steel bottle if you use it a lot.



extend your arms out in front of you fully, palms facing the floor, hands flat.

with your arms still extended, lift your hands upright like you're telling someone to stop but try to pull your fingers back toward your body. do not force it, just stretch. do this for 15 seconds.

now, arms still outstretched, point your fingers at the ground and try to pull your palms to your body (again, unassisted). hold this for 15 seconds.

now go loose and shake your hands/arms gently.

get a more ergonomic keyboard and mouse. i use a kinesis advantage with no tactile bump on the keys and an evoluent vertical mouse. maybe consider a trackball or some other neutral mouse. split keyboards help.

don't bang the keys so hard, keep your body in a neutral position while you type. don't lean on your keyboard.

maybe get some wrist braces and see a doctor, lain. <3


>you gotta take care of your body lain, its a temple.
If my body is a temple, it's one of those temples where everyone wears hooded robes, meetings are held at midnight under a full moon, and strange things are done to animal sacrifices.


I do that anyway but thank you. Make sure you're doing it too.


I will.


File: 1504536251225.jpg (19.54 KB, 480x360, Terry.jpg)

Alternatively, you can make your computer a temple as well.


Just going to throw out there that in neuroscience they found that the number one way to positively change your mood is a regular sleep schedule with 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night
I want you all to feel better


lol I didn't do that for the last 12 years or so
it doesn't surprise me at all but that explains a lot

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