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/cyb/ - cyberpunk and cybersecurity

low life. high tech. anonymity. privacy. security.

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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Why has sec gone secret? :( :s


>Why has sec gone secret? :( :s
I'm sad about it too. I really wanted it to be one of our main boards with good discussion and information, but it was dead compared to our other boards. I understand that we're just getting started, but such an empty board didn't warrant a position in the header when /cyb/ was doing well.

That being said /cyb/ does include cybersecurity (the existing /sec/ threads were merged) and as such there is an opportunity to create the kind of content that would be worthy of a dedicated /sec/. If and when that happens, I would more than happy to restore it to the header.

I hope you can help me in achieving this, lain. Thank you.


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hmmm, it's a nice idea but whilst i love cyberpunk i'm not into larping types, think will fill this niche of a good infosec board, hopefully. x


bc wer nonemose! sekrit hax0r shiet
mods delete me

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