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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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So now they are asking for social media accounts at borders to check you up

And unlike phones you can't fuck the USB port up and be done with it

What this means is that having no such accounts can make you a target for random incarceration, they'll bother to investigate if you just some nobody later

Pretty soon even cops will ask for you twatter handle

Point is I'm trying to figure out a way to counter this

The best way IMO would be to use bots to simply repost content from other social networks to give the illusion of content.

Those retards at the border wont bother to check that much into the post and even then most people just reposts stuff they stole from somebody else, even delete the watermarks to hide their asses

So, are there any existing bots that could do this? or I have to code one from nothing?


I'm not aware of an existing bot but it might be trivial to piece together a bot to retwat at a random time interval (perhaps clustered during the regular bidness hours of a particular timezone for consistency). Should just be as straightforward as polling your twatter account for new notices and hitting their retwat endpoint.


Keep a very basic account for this purpose. Just add your mum and a couple people from work and be done with it. In terms of longer running shenanigans/operating you're probably going to already be cultivating a few sockpuppet accounts/identities anyway. Consider this an extension of that mentality. It's a tool to be used, that is all.

It's better to have plausible deniability (sparse account - oh I don't use it that much) than a conspicuous lack of information. Remember these people's entire jobs are based on establishing baselines for the populations that are put in front of them and picking out the people who don't fit that baseline. Not all of them are particularly well trained which means they're even less tolerant of people deviating from that baseline.


> So now they are asking for social media accounts at borders to check you up
Wait, really? I find it hard to believe.



I had no idea about this, thanks. Wouldn't this make people very reluctant to enter the USA? Especially fro business trips, conferences and such.


yes it does, if I go to America I wipe my phone first and put it back to stock carrying the backup on a MicroSD Card, same with my laptop.

America is not a chosen destination.


>What most of them have in common — 23 of the 25 — is that they are Muslim, like Shibly, whose parents are from Syria
Oosh. I was nervous for a moment there.
So, I guess that as long as there isn't an administration that claims that there is no correlation between things and terrorist acts, people of most beliefs and nations don't have to be afraid of these searches?
I'm sure the 2 out of 25 had weird-sounding name or something.
Inb4 first they came for the weird-sounding named…


This is also a way to enforce real-name policies in social media, even if you use one that doesn't require it. Except if you use something like twitter, doesn't it look full of life right after you start following a couple people? Plus most people use pseudonyms as usernames AFAIK.

>'m sure the 2 out of 25 had weird-sounding name or something.
>Maj. Motoko Kusanagi
Ma'm, you'll have to go through the metal detector.


Japanese is not the metal-detector-kind-of-weird



Norms dont care, they don't care about megacorps datamining them why would they care about govs doing it? besides if its for business theres even more pressure for them to just accept it


"Excuse me citizen why is both your phone and computer wiped clean?"

Thats the last thing you'll hear before the sound of a latex glove thats going up your arse

Why you think I'm doing this deception thing? for fun?


Thats in the past, now everybody is getting searched at random, or even without their knowledge



Its like reddit, people got their real name accounts and a bunch of sockpuppets with nick names instead

Its useless though since they don't use another VPN nor obfuscate their fingerprint so twitter knows its all the same person, and twitter is not only more than happy to collaborate with governments but it has so little control that their own employees are knows to sell information for money or favors or even help their friends by banning accounts that are calling them out on their bullcrap

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