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What do you guys think of Monero? I've been reading about it recently and I think it's great as a almost totally (because nothing is 100%) anonymous crypto coin. Thoughts on other currencies?


Monero looks nice. It would look a lot nicer if it were traded widely though.


Enlighten me on why emerging crypto currencies will ever be worth. I figured Bitcoin took over, Litecoin took some scraps and everything else was just a meme. Almost invested in Ethereum a while back, glad I didnt.


why is that?


Most me-too currencies are completely redundant and only exist because it was easy and free to make them. There are however a handful of currencies like Monero that were created to solve particular problems with existing currencies. To the extent that Monero can solve some people's problems, those people will want to buy and sell and the currency will have value.


Im interested in the upcoming coins that offer services in exchange for the coins, like sia offering storage for coins, or golem which does cloud processing.


Hm, just checked the ethereums progress. I guess there was money to be made, but I guess I never really understood its purpose, like why its not a 'me too'.


With a name like this I expected their site to be in Esperanto, how disappointing!


I have this, it's a pretty neat little paper on how monero works, it also focuses on the anonymity aspect.

There is a group in CSAIL working on a monero paper, I'll publish that here once it's done and I have access to it.


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I'm a genius.


Ethereum and ether are two different thing. Ethereum is a blockchain network that you can use to deploy 'smart contracts' which are just immutable bits of code that run over the decentralized network. Ether is a token required to use a contract to prevent DDOSing. Ether is not supposed to be used as a currency, it is basically like bandwidth, you can pay more to do more on the network. With smart contracts you can make your own tokens, which may or may not be currency. As of right now there isn't a unanimous token for being used as currency, so people that believe in ethereum are just using ether right now. It's a pretty interesting project, you should check it out.


Seems pretty interesting. I guess I can sort of see how it works, but im not sure why some one would use it. I feel like I dumbass but what are the implications of deploying smart contracts? And why would someone invest in your tokens? People obviously arent using as any sort of decentralized web host or whatever and there seems to be a lot of money involved some again im confused on its purpose.

As a dreamer, what can I dream of using it for?


I dig it. Right now the competition in anon coins is between Monero, Zcash, and Dash. Zcash is implemented in a super weird way where if the first start of it is done wrong the developers can game the system. They also had a pre mine and have a huge percent of coins that go to them. Dash also had a premine but don't have that weird key signing implementation that lets the first devs to game the system. Then there is Monero which is pretty undervalued imo and the team is pretty dedicated to anonymity\security.

The greatest thing about Monero is the fact that they are working on the i2pd fork called kovri which is written in c++



what could possibly make you glad you didn't invest in a currency that has seen a 4,000% price increase in the past 6 ish months?


Not Crypto but getting a new PC and giving an old rig to a friend to mine.

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