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Kalyx ######

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good day lains. I was wondering about this
and thinking, what would the setup he recommends look like with modern-day technology? obviously, we should replace trucrypt with veracrypt. In addition to that, most of the tools he gives will have to be replaced as they deal with specific versions of vulnerable software. what else must we do to modernize HackBack?


veracrypt is more geared towards windows full disk encryption. cryptsetup, dm-crypt and LUKS are the pre-eminent linux full disk encryption solution (don't forged openbsd softraid crypto as well).


It's getting people to actually do something that is the hard part, People have to be willing to contribute to the cause.


I'm aware. Is there a windows program for making encrypted volumes? It's been so long since I used windows, I haven't kept up with the good software for it.


Does it need to be modernized, really? i don't see how it does.




There aren't really.Lainons should write a hackback 2.0


the resources are all from 2-3 years ago. I remember trying to use one of the tutorials on there, but the tool it recommended was for an old version of the linux kernel and I had to use to get it. But I've forgotten what tool it was - there's tons of resources on the document.



so it only encourages users to do research themselves on what to use, these things are supposed to encourage people to educate themselves, not be recipies for skids.


The real trick is getting people to learn period, albeit tools or otherwise.


I mean yeah, but I don't think that was the point of the guide originally. The point of hackback is that hacking is easy as hell, people just have this mental block about it (as they do with technology in general, tbh), and I feel like a part of that is because of attitudes like "RTFM" when "the manual" is out-of-date, and written by someone who never saw the value in a language course.

I've dealt with many programmer types who are like this. It's annoying.



nobody should be spoon feed though, tbh. people need to learn to think and learn for themselves or they will never be good hackers anyway.


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They will never be a good anything if they cant think.



I've got the "Guccifer" hackback text files still I think.
Should I post them?

Can someone explain why sec and cyb were merged?


Theoretically anyone who can read tutorials can hack right?
As long as they google hoe to exploit x etc. then they can get pretty far.


wrong, more people using enryption tor etc lets us hide. we're the signal in the noise. increase the noise!

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