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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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I have a problem going on for long now. Basically: my ISP is a bitch

my internet comes through a docsis 3.0 network through coaxial cable. (that isn't a problem)
the problem is: they gave a "connect box" that is basically an essential botnet manifested into phisical reality. It's a deep-chinese bullsoykaf modem+router+wifi-ap box, and it has zero options, no portforwarding, no configurable firewall, no nothing, the only setting is setting the wifi password. the "connect box" decides what ports and what packets are "safe" for me and closes other things, there's also no option to give fix IPs to my devices on LAN.

now this is soykaf in itself but: this device has been proved by several people to be very easy to exploit by anybody, but isp doesn't even need exploiting because it has several dedicated backdoors for them, and they even have a backdoor for "refreshing" and "modificating" (read as: injecting even more backdoors and malware and getting logs of everything, while eliminating more and more settings and options) the firmware, which they definitely do from time to time. i feel like i'm living in a gulag. also it's as big as a shoe box, consumes a soykafload of energy and warms as a motherfucker. it has to be rebooted quite often and every reboot is about 15 minutes.

Now the real question and subject of this thread: Post about secure and good cable modems. I tought there was openwrt compatible modems but now i see there's only "connect boxes" has openwrt for them. i want a discrete cable modem and an openwrt router. which are some secure and good modems? what are the most important properties i should look for?


Oh and i almost forgot: it doesn't have fucking bridge-mode.


Literally just move. I know that sounds dumb, but the internet is such a major component of peoples lives these days, especially the type of people who post here. I would say that it is well worth it in both time and energy in the long run to simply move to someplace with decent ISP where you can get a comfy 10gb connection.



ok i'm poor, still studying and the salary of my part time job is about 1/4 of a rent, and this isn't my house. any other options? like a good reliable cable modem i could buy somewhere? i'm thinking about motorolas at the moment.



and 10gb wtf are you in shinjuku or something? 2gb is the best i've ever heard of in this country and i'm perfectly good with 200mb.


You could do everything over VPN and treat your network how you would treat a free WiFi hotspot.


>comfy 10gb connection
OK, i officially hate the word comfy now.


thank you for the advice.

how does someone decide if a VPN is to be trusted? is there a way of using i2p through a vpn?
what if a VPN logs all my traffic and makes reports about me? (nothing illegal happens in my traffic but there are things that are illegal in other countries and things that despite legal, makes authorities very butthurt)


Host your own connection, don't trust any provider unless you really have to. Otherwise, Wireguard and Tunsafe should work fine, at least in my experience.

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