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Kalyx ######

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What security groups do you belong too?

forums, mailing lists, etc


gentoo security mailing list
usenet security newsgroups




Cyber daily.


it's an international non-profit that works with activist groups to improve their security.



woah this is cool, gonna join their mail list.


Hackforums (not too proud of it)
My local defcon group.

SWB looks pretty cool though.


>Hackforums (not too proud of it)

are there any blackhat boards that arn't soykaf? :(





What doesn't .jp start a hacking group?





I'd be down for some kind of loose collective or group where people can help each other learn and whatnot, how about I2P for chatting?


>are there any blackhat boards that arn't soykaf?
I'm sure there are, but the very fact that I don't know about them or have access to them is what makes them good. They have to be cool kids only or they turn to soykaf, and we're not the cool kids.


Gentoo and Debian security lists are alright. If a little slow. Good recommendations guys.


It's getting people to show up and work together that's the hard part.


File: 1495352381357.jpg (91.12 KB, 620x412, 45209e231d2e0585cddcf166db….jpg)


But lainon, it's not like i don't know my soykaf. How do we become the cool kids?


Hello agent fud


There's a thread about this going on. Check it out?



How is it lately?

Back when I was using it (2009-2010) there was ton of skilled people especially regarding web application exploiting.

I started there with learning some real stuff and doing something but with the time I left because those people that were spreading that knowledge did so as well and there was no point anymore.


pretty soykafty, still.

leakforums is slightly better but not by much.



I work for a company which has specialized for high security IT stuff for military/feds.
Also im member of the local hackspace (not so much security, but the non-pleb atmosphere there is great).
And some IRC chans which are sometimes and sometimes not related to what i do @work.

Im at the stage where im bitter enough to achieve security by not having much that yields anything hackable of value.


What's the civilian federal work like? I'm looking to get out and find work and always wondered what the work was like for private companies that work for the Federal government.


In my company, i'm surprised (in a positive way) about their competence. Everything on Linux, and as far as i can look up the hierarchy, no managers, only senior engineers. Also a notable lack of corporate bullsoykaf (or maybe they just hide it well), but this is the only company like this i know so far.

But like, its still an regular company, and companies who work for the feds still can be the lowest tier of soykaf, like the one i worked before.

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