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Synthetical Science is one of the first networks of network researchers that emerged in 2010. This group of nettalkers was looking for hidden files in the secret Internet segments, but the main field of Synthetical Science was "memetics," the study and creation of "mental viruses." More about memetics is written in John Ono's book "Tao of memetic engineering". The association ceased to exist in 2012.


State machines underlie the sophisticated functionality behind human-made and natural computing systems that perform order-dependent information processing. We developed a recombinase-based framework for building state machines in living cells by leveraging chemically controlled DNA excision and inversion operations to encode states in DNA sequences. This strategy enables convenient readout of states (by sequencing and/or polymerase chain reaction) as well as complex regulation of gene expression. We validated our framework by engineering state machines in Escherichia coli that used one, two, or three chemical inputs to control up to 16 DNA states. These state machines were capable of recording the temporal order of all inputs and performing multi-input, multi-output control of gene expression. We also developed a computational tool for the automated design of gene regulation programs using recombinase-based state machines. Our scalable framework should enable new strategies for recording and studying how combinational and temporal events regulate complex cell functions and for programming sophisticated cell behaviors.


File: 1507709284018.jpg (23.52 KB, 513x405, LCel64.JPG)

so, we could program the living memetic 'mental virus; ideas like these cells is what you're saying?

makes my brain hurt… the ideas could be both internal and externally programmed on an individual and societal scale then right? Mastering and combining them would be utterly life changing.


Memetics is p. interesting
Recombinase-based state machines in living cells is p. interesting

They have nothing to do with each other though. If you want to suggest that they do, go to >>>x or >>>sr


File: 1507738914106.jpg (33.61 KB, 400x400, 1507581411766.jpg)

consider abrahamic religions. I have always thought of these as an example of a sort of self replicating 'mental virus' as well. The idea (the belief, viral) is replicated by an individual who hears of it because they have to make a choice between risking hell (the price of considering the idea and then deciding it MAY not be conclusive) or embracing it. Once embraced it has successfully replicated itself in the individual who is now interested in spreading the idea, the ultimatum of replication, in the interest of 'saving' their fellow humans.

Im not sure this has anything to do with synthetical science but there is certainly a phenomena of non-living "idea" viruses.

Further smaller scale examples would be "your mother will die in her sleep tonight if you do not reply with plz no" type posts and the occasional free-form headless pyramid schemes that float around on social media (person A gets 5 people to send them one book, each person who sends him a book now has the opportunity to get 5 people to send them a book, etc.).



While I agree with you that cellular automata and memetics are different, what are your thoughts about applied memetics? Is it possible to study the spread of these "mental viruses" to such a degree that a person or group could create their own with consistent effectiveness?


You ever read snow crash?



It's blatantly obvious they have.


Nope, not yet. Just finished Neuromancer and Snow Crash will probably be my next /cyb/ bit of lit.


back to lainchan, larpies
oh wait~


If this isn't how the last US election went down, rest assured the greatest minds of our generation are working on it.

I really, really hope they've considered the implications of who ends up with that power, but I also really doubt it.


File: 1511164498247.png (397.58 KB, 680x383, 1510547410560.png)

plz no


Hi! Where can i find John Ono's book?


I am interested also in the book, but it seems that i cannot find it. I tried on clear/deep web but with no luck…. Somebody could post me a hint where i can find it?


I found what appears to be an archive of it, unfortunately it seems to be an autistic work of fiction
I'm not sure how burning your retinas with AMVs and xsublim will help you become a memetic hacker


Very interesting entries but it does not seem like this book by John Ono's
Most likely this record of his friend with whom he shared some of the information.
I can say that the acceleration of the brain is real, and when you disperse your brain you do not see the differences between the usual state and the fastest time for you goes as usual, but if an outsider starts to interfere you will see how slowly he does it.


Ok, it looks like i'm getting closer to finding the book, I've found John Ohno's github ( & website (, an article by him that appears to be a follow up to the statdomain mirror (, and an archive of the website that inspired him to write it ( I'll report back if i find anything else of interest


This is not a book by John Ono


File: 1517531492381.jpg (18.2 KB, 300x300, 14600317190960[1].jpg)

>youtube уровня B


Has anyone found the original book?

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