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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Just throwing it out there. Maybe you already know. But figured I should broadcast.

Humble Bundle currently have a Wiley cybersecurity book bundle. 4 days left.


PSA: Wiley is an academic publishing parasite. This Humblebundle is an opportunity for you to either give them money or give them a tax write off. Personally, I think pirating the books is your only ethical choice.



while I agree that textbooks are a huge racket, I would argue that putting money into DRM-free book markets is a positive thing to demonstrate demand. Put your full payment toward a charity if you have an issue with giving Wiley money


File: 1501129169429-0.pdf (13.52 MB, The Web Application Hacker….pdf)

File: 1501129169429-1.epub (3.17 MB, Practical Reverse Enginee….epub)


File: 1501129205300.epub (2.3 MB, Cryptography Engineering_….epub)


Why not post the link to the .rar download for us? I don't want to pay for that soykaf.


File: 1501129577488.pdf (8.44 MB, Applied Cryptography 2nd e….pdf)


OP here

What I've gained from the reactions to this thread: don't relay any information here.


People always bitch no matter how hard you try. Thanks for sharing lainon.


Im the person who was sharing those ebooks, ill try and get more up tomorrow


Thanks for these

You should have known that a considerable amount of this board's population isn't going to pay for this, and hates the idea of anyone paying for this.


The DRM-free market already exists and will continue to exist until they think they can kill it. And Wiley will jump at that opportunity. Don't buy the books.

If you care more about ebooks than the predatory publishers you're enabling, maybe not "relaying information" is for the best.


File: 1501187259034-0.pdf (6.11 MB, The Art of Human Hacking.pdf)

File: 1501187259034-1.epub (442.91 KB, Kevin D Mitnick_ William ….epub)

File: 1501187259034-2.pdf (5.4 MB, Adam Shostack-Threat model….pdf)

BTW most of them are on libgen


Passive aggressive & toxic.

I'm out.
Population of lain: -1


You will have better results advertising your products on reddit.


Actually I think all of them are on Libgen. If you find one that isn't, let us know.

I was sorry for harshing your buzz. You clearly bought the books, felt food about it, and wanted more people to feel good about it. And then you go and post that. I'll spare everyone the recrimination and say cya.


I buy things. thanks op.


Information wants to be free


I'll put it up on the tracker,


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