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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1560595165412.jpg (1.72 MB, 2351x946, 20190615_112522-1-1-1.jpg)


I'm not sure if it's the right board to ask but is there any way that i can salvage my monitor ?
I tried every solution proposed on the internet but it doesn't seem to work. Are those dead pixels?


It certainly looks like liquid crystal damage. Sometimes LCD panels don't work correctly and you can fix that but you can't fix damaged panels.

File: 1493634771349.gif (1.25 MB, 600x450, scan.gif)


Not sure if it belongs on this board, but I'm looking for some advice on scanning books.

Recently I ordered a book through the library that seemed to exist nowhere online or in a digital format. It was about 120 pages so I thought it might not be too difficult to scan the whole thing. It took about an hour with an overhead scanner, but I was able to get the book in a shoddy (but readable) pdf form. For added measure, I used Acrobat to crop some pages and sanitize the data, which took another half hour. So, what could I do differently? Do you have any experience with this process? What do you use?

>Scanners & Setups

I had access to an overhead scanner which seemed like it would be a bit speedier than a flat-bed scanner but some drawbacks were that sometimes my fingers are in the images, the page detection sometimes cause weird effects on the page, and there was generally a lower resolution.


Are there alternatives to pdf/adobe software? Is there any way of automating the page cropping, the page rotating, etc? How do I make the scan look "clean"?

>DRM & Sharing

If I were to post my scans, what measures should I take? How do I find the people/places that might want this book? Do I just send it off to libgen?

>Anything else?

Is OCR worth it?

In the process of writing this post I found a guide online (pic related) as well as some helpful discussions on the libgen forums. I'll keep lain updated on my experiments.
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That guide was awesome, I need to try that myself.


Is OCR not soykaf anymore, I really don't get the hold up on this relatively simple AI. I guess it's mostly proprietary as well -_-


File: 1507733176911.jpg (151.63 KB, 500x375, scanner1.jpg)

For further various methods of book scanning with varying designs according to skills/money one should look here [0]



I use a basic ass HP scanner. It's annoying but it works, and don't need to stand there in the library for half an hour scanning.


use djvu. If you can only scan PDF's(which applies to most scanners), convert using pdf2djvu. PDF is not intended as a raster format, DJVU is designed specifically for scanned documents. This is what libgen recommends as well.

>DRM & Sharing

libgen is a good place to start. Probably also seed it on libgen once it gets included in a torrent.

>is OCR worth it?



> ocr

It's definitely worth it. You still need to read it through and spell/grammar check, but if you ocr first before you even begin reading, it's not as dry as read->ocr->read. GNU has an open source ocr if you don't care for freeware (; It's relatively easy to make your own too, if you're into that sort of thing:(

File: 1505128585986.png (416.72 KB, 512x512, sel-idm-remix.png)


As arisuchan's first collaborative project, we are seeking audio engineers and other volunteers from the community to participate in the creation of a fan edit of Serial Experiments Lain in which we replace all of the music with scene appropriate ambient, IDM, and glitch music including artists such as Autechre, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin.

Please introduce yourself here or in
on Freenode if you are interested.

examples of artists we might like to feature:
Access to Arasaka, Aes Dana, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Apparat, Arovane, Autechre, Boards of Canada, CONNECT.OHM, edIT, Helios, Jega, KiloWatts, Lone, Miyuki, Moderat, Nautilis, Ochre, Oneohtrix Point Never, Phonem, Polygon Window, Proem, Swod, Tycho, Venetian Snares

examples of some tracks we might like to feature:

other links:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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good taste
I'm hoping his tunes for FS2 are pretty dope


bump this needs to be revived


Oh damn this sounds pretty cool. I'm an engineer myself, and I have editing skills. I like this idea. Had anyone made any progress on this?


Is this project still going?

I think Alec Empire's 'Low on Ice' and 'Hipermodern Jazz 2000.5' are perfect fits for SEL


CIALYN also has some beautiful tracks, "Gravel Road" and "22,478.9 Khz" are great among others

File: 1559133178421.png (732.55 KB, 1916x1155, arisu.png)


I was playing with multiple desktops on my new OS, there was a specific monitor in my first desktop that I wanted to just display a couple of websites, since there was nothing else going on in there. As I don't have a tiling wm I just tiled 2 full Chrome instances top and bottom. I wasn't satisfied with how it looked, because it still had all the top controls and borders. After evaluating some options I just decided to make my own solution based on Electron. Basically I made a very minimalist setup with <webview> tags that displays up to 4 different websites at once. There are 16 different layouts to choose from plus a bunch of other options like presets and theme.

Certainly very limited as a browser but it works for that niche purpose.


What's the site on the bottom?


Just to throw this out there:
 chromium --app= 

would get rid of the controls

it looks like you would keep your chrome extensions this way which would be better for adblock, userstyles, mitigating fingerprinting/tracking, etc.

File: 1552769743881.jpg (932.27 KB, 2160x2160, similar.jpg)


It has been a year since I built my ebike.
For around 1.5k I managed to build a new bike and slap a 52 Volt motor to the cranks. I can now commute on bike trails at up to 35 mph for around 40 miles on a charge with very little maintenance cost. I feel like for inner city and even in suburban areas this is far more optimal than a car or a bus.

Pic is not my ebike, but a build using the same motor and battery.

What does Alice think of Ebikes? Does Alice use an Ebike?


>>781 if 1.5k means 1500 USD, i think that's too much. i can get a proper motorbike for that price. Is there a way doing it with more "industrial" parts, not fancy premade ebike kits?

Aside from the price, it's a very good idea i think. The best thing is: when you want to commute to work in the morning and don't want to sweat or you're tired, you can use the motor, and when you want to do some sport or touring, you can turn off the motor and cycle it with your legs.


well, you can assemble the kits yourself from parts online, and that works great. ebike motors are super simple and there are millions of vendors all selling the same grade equipment.

1500USD is quite a bit above what a normal DIY costs, but with a crank mounted motor dumping twice the legal limit wattage output into a cassette via a bike chain, it became nessesary to swap a lot of parts and that figure includes the frame, wheels, brakes, handlebars, etc.

Id say if you already had a bike with disc brakes and you wanted to make an ebike out of it, youd end up spending 200 dollars on a hub motor, controller, throttle, and screen, and then 400 on a devent battery, which is a much cheaper build.

Sure, at that point you can get a motorbike, which is bound to burning gas, being loud as hecc, and stuck on the road. (and much more maintenance compared to a hub motor ebike)

Personally I dont do much pedalling, I basically did make an electric scooter, but its way more reliable than a scooter, has more torque, is stealthier, and I can take it more places.


I have been looking into this, I have a spare bike that I could do it to, I just don't know much about which parts are good and if there are any well established companies you can buy DIY parts from that don't end up costing as much as a car.


>For around 1.5k I managed to build a new bike and slap a 52 Volt motor to the cranks.

Wait, are you meaning to say you've took a bike and put some $1500 dollar electronics on it? Or do you mean you built a whole bike and electronics for $1500? Which is it?


OP here
For 1500 I built a hardtail bike from scratch with good components that worked will with my motor output, and then added a motor and battery

File: 1553300221829.jpg (4.94 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)


Im currently stealing wi-fi from 4 neighbours, and i want to connect to all of them, load balance the connections and make my own wi-fi network from that, someone told me that with a router with DD-WTR i could do it, but since i live in a 3rd world country, there's only old hardware.
So the questions:
- Is it possible to do it?
- Do i need a lot of networking/coding knowledge/How hard is to archive?
- What is the best hardware/software to do it?

Thx annon


You would need 1 router or WiFi adapter for each connection.
If you have all 4 adapters connected to your computer and you are running Windows try this:
The program have been discontinued, but it worked when I needed it a few years ago…
If you are going for the routers way:
You would need to configure each router to act as a Client connected to the APs. Then use a switch to connect everything together. And another router to be your hotspot.
I hope it makes sense. Sorry for my English…



File: 1555100191524.jpg (304.97 KB, 450x253, ClusterHAT-v2-in-use-sm.jpg)

You'd be limited to a top end burst throughput of around maybe 150 Mbps on a good day due all the traffic needing to move across the USB 2.0 bus on the Pi3, but with this hat you could have each Pi Zero W connected to a designated WiFi network then enable IP forwarding and expose it as a NIC to the Pi3B. Then on the Pi3B you could set up your load balancing and networking however you please across these Pi0 NICs. Another benefit of this is that you could do some additional processing of data as it passes across the Pi0s or the Pi3B.

I may pick one of these up to experiment with this.

File: 1541661638979.png (213.25 KB, 493x365, i-sense-aesthetics-somewhe….png)


I'm working on a sci-fi story. I'm having difficulty with the name. I'm debating between "Psychocidal" and "I was depressed for a while, I'm OK now" or "Psychocidal: I was depressed for a while, I"m OK now". Thoughts?
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What do the Gallic Wars have to do with this? Or is this image related to an animated rendition of the DBG?

Anyways- to be brief, the aesthetic of the story is highly dependent on dream psychology and depression- it's very metaphor driven and takes place in 3 main acts. The MC is a listless shut in burn out who takes a radical approach to cure his neurosis/psychosis.

I'm being vague here- but I'm mainly trying to come up with a name reflective of being stuck in your own head.


My take would be "SYSCHIP OS". It's an anagram of "Psychosis" and both expressions would fit well with your theme since the mind can somewhat be understood as the "operating system" of your body. Maybe, that gives you some inspiration.


i like Psychocidal on its own


Psychocidal sounds really cool!


Great! I'm slowly working on it still, but just a bit at a time

That's also a cool idea. I think that might be a good name for the system being used in the story

File: 1494772652755.png (1.98 MB, 1368x1080, lainservices.png)


We are now providing free subdomains, at
You can either use that yourself, or let us provide static hosting (like neocities) for free
To register, you have the following options:
IRC: Freenode #lainservices

Registered accounts are listed over at
Please let us know your thoughts, and how we can improve.
Learn about other (upcoming) projects here: >>32
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Cool! Thanks :3


>Get free static file hosting (coming soon)


now, send an email or drop by on irc


Thank you prometheus <3


link is dead(?

File: 1519851976442.jpg (243.47 KB, 970x728, log_001.jpg)


I'd like to build a mini computer that I can put next to my bed so I can listen to some music or play a little game when I'm there. Will base this on a Raspberry Pi for now since that is easily available. This will be the build log o/

Right now I have ordered:

- A RasPi 3 Model B

- A PiTFT Plus screen (Adafruit ID:2616); it's in 320x240 which should be fine for some Retro or Indie Game Fun. 2.8 inch isn't a whole lot but we'll see how this works out. Touch functionality will be useful to control the music player.

- some GPIO Ribbon Cable so I can access the leftover GPIOs. I plan to add a speaker and some LEDs later on so I'll need those.

- random MicroSD Card

Other parts will come later.. LEDs, Game Controller, Speaker, Keyboard… got all of this laying around already from past projects. We'll see how everything fit's together. For now I'd just like to get the display going, never played around with a small display like this. Once this works I'll add all the random features.

The package should arrive later this week, but there is a chance it will be held captive for several weeks at the soykafty customs because writing an invoice takes 4 weeks. We'll see.
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Do you think you can make a pdf tutorial on how you made it? It would be greatly appreciated if you could!


What the fuck? Where did you order from that customs are any kind of concern at orders below 40$?


I live in the beautiful country of austria and just about everything I ever order is checked by customs and delayed between 1 or 3 weeks. I've been in other countries where nothing ever was checked unless it was hundreds of dollars, but the guys here really have too much time. It's just like that.



i would love to see what happens when its done

File: 1492460742490.gif (2.06 MB, 384x288, cofee.gif)


I'm wanting to build a smart alarm clock using a Ras Pi and maybe Alexa API for added functionality. Any thoughts? I have a 3 but feel it's a bit excessive for this sort of thing.
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Read the rules before posting, this could be removed regardless of Junk being a mod
>You may not attack or provoke users.


File: 1505751337915.jpg (3.5 MB, 2120x2664, 20170918_121039.jpg)

I just picked up a little ethernet hub for a couple bucks at MIT, ready to plug in a few pis. I was thinking about making a small DHT or something, but I'm not sure. Any lains here have any better ideas?


>smart alarm clock
I don't speak buzzwordish, what does that mean?
>Ras Pi
Seems like an overkill, a micro controller would be sufficient for most "smart" functions in my opinion.
>Alexa API for added functionality
Functionality like what, always-on spying bug in your bedroom?
Actual good functions for alarm clock would be: sleep cycle detection, you need sensor hand bands for that, sunrise simulation through room lights dimming if you live somewhere with 9 months winter, precise time adjustment, but I'd better reside to FM time signal instead of connecting a freaking alarm clock to the Internet.


Besides the ESP8622, Raspberry and their ilk, most microcontrollers are annoying to program.

Not just from a language perspective, that is going to C when you could just go to Lua or Python, but also from a programming and debugging perspective where more specialized equipment is required to program some , nevermind debug (OpenOCD).

Sure you _could_ use ChickenScheme, but actually getting the program on the microcontroller isn't any easier.

Good frameworks for simple RF interaction, as far as I'm aware of, are also horribly unhandy. If you know of one that isn't so, I'd appreciate if you were to share it.

It just seems a lot less painful to use Python's IP modules than using GNU Radio hooks, whether in C or Python.


You're not trying hard enough

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