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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Guys, how come when I don't pray to G-d my life seems okay and I have a strong will. When I pray daily in the morning my life becomes very bad. I lose control and fall into bad habits. Why is this? Does anyone else have this happen?


Because you're moving your agency into something else rather than holding yourself accountable for what you do.


Which god?


What do you pray for? Also which god? In the end regardless of what god you believe in you should treat yourself as said god. Hold yourself to a high standard. Regardless if it is kek, /k/ube or lain. No matter what we believe in you.


the G-d of the Talmud


praying to a false god could fuck you up.


You unconsciously think that having faith in a higher authority is a substitute for agency. A lot of people have this problem.


Forget God. He's too big and too far away to care at this point. Don't rely on him, rely on you.


Take it from a guy that used to want to be a priest. Praying is for suckers. So many damn pantheons let alone deities it is hard to keep track. Do your thing mate. You are certainly on my mind and I hope your problems find solutions.


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I prayed for the bravery to continue going to mass and to ask the priest questions about finding God, instead the rabbit answered and gave me another fit of hikki; haven't been back in weeks, and feel further from God than ever.


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>Because you're moving your agency into something else rather than holding yourself accountable for what you do.

This is basically right. No one is as in control of your life as you. No one can save you or act more in your own interests than yourself. Throwing your own failures off onto an imaginary being is the ultimate excuse.


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OP here, it's been weeks since I wrote that post and you guys who posted about agency are 100% correct, thank you. I realized one morning that I was expecting some miracle to happen and for me to just one day not be into the thing that was holding me back. I think that may be why "magick" may work so well for some because it puts you in the driver seat. Just a thought.


you aren't praying to Gad by accident are you? That's an anxiety disorder.


Stop making 'yourself' the new god, you are not really in control of your life either. It's not even beneficial to say that to yourself while knowing it's not true because it just breeds dumb businessmen and self-help idiots. The idea that anyone or anything in control of your life is quite a problem by itself.

If you really want to believe in some god and get things rolling though, believe in the god that is 'everything'. You can pray for a car by stealing one, or earning money for one, or building one. You can pray for nice weather but quickly realize that it's kinda useless and stop. God made the sky thunder? More like the sky thundered! Oh wow god is everything and everything is god! You eat, breathe and piss god, and god is the internet and everybody in this thread too. What now.


I don't know which God you're praying to, but in Christianity we don't believe praying makes your life easier at all, really. God rewards us with wisdom, and that is all. God makes things right in the End, but here on this Earth? The wicked will prosper and and the righteous brought low.

If you buy into the popular "health and wealth" gospel that's so popular today you're going to be disappointed day after day after day. God may have a providential plan but he uses ordinary people to accomplish it. So pick yourself up and sort out your life. Wisdom to do that best is all you can expect in prayer

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