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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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I've been running into a lot of issues lately mentally where I just think that everything and everyone is the FBI out to get me, and I keep reading into various minor events some sinister motive.

I about had a heart attack when a police officer pulled up outside my house the other day, I started ripping the battery out of all my encrypted devices and held up behind some barricades I have in my house setup for an occasion like this. It turned out he had just given a ticket to my neighbor for parking facing the wrong direction on the street. I don't even have anything that they would want to arrest me for as far as I know, but I was still freaking out.

The other day my partner told me that there was this car parked with the engine running the entire time I was gone out of town for a week, each night they came and stayed for 4-6hrs. They didn't see anything sinister behind this, and only mentioned it because it kept them awake and was bugging them -noise-wise. But obviously I took this to be FBI or some non-state actor holding up outside the house waiting for me to get back. They got video of this so I KNOW it happened for real. I was freaked out.

What the fuck do I do about this?


You should honestly consider seeing a psychiatrist if you are unable to get it together. I used to be just like you. Not sure your circumstances but I had some genuine worry. Always be aware of the dangers of alphabet soup and never forget that 'paranoia is a myth/your greatest fears can be realized at any moment'. Use your concern to your benefit instead of falling for a psyop to fuck your life just because we are right to be concerned.


What would fbi do with you if you have nothing to hide? Even if you have something, if they wanted to arrest you, wouldnt they already do it? Why would they watch you? Dont get me wrong but i think you are getting paranoid, try to filter your thoughts according to general logic


A popular concern is that they do not arrest you because you are not important enough. The moment you become any sort of threat all of secrets they uncover will be used against you. Only people who have nothing to hide are dead. "just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you." In OP's case his paranoia is causing his life way too much grief.


A more popular concern for people like OP is that they are probably doing things just sketchy enough to get placed in an entrapment situation without having ever done anything really wrong necessarily. FBI obviously just make up soykaf and can arrest people for basically no reason.

Take the weird pedophile in the /meta/ discussion. Someone suggested that if they want to hide their pedophilia they create a hidden service and host it there. Is that a crime to tell a pedophile how to do that? In some countries maybe, and if that agent wanted to take that Alice up on the offer to 'help him out' that could easily be shoehorned into some kind of charge. Entrapment is literally lurking everywhere if you know how to view things.


Do you really think that with ten-thousands upon hundred-thousands and millions of people living just in 1 city, that big gov is able to check up on all of them? That's just retarded, and probably wouldnt even be possible if 10% of the population are secret spy agents. Even if you live in some british city filled with two cameras on every corner, someone needs to review the footage. It's just placebo. The cameras aren't crime detectors, at best they are there to be used as evidence in court rooms.
Also don't forget that secret services barely do any spying themselves, they just buy up the info from corporations like google. Spying is never done in person anymore, it's all just drones and cameras and most importantly: the internet. A single person, no matter how 'dangerous' or 'aware' they are, would never be a threat to big gov. Only when they become a group and attract enough attention they might do something about it, but even then probably not. There are far too many people in the world for a few to make any difference.

Here you have some bonus logics. I know you already know that this FBI paranoia is ludicrious, and that it is some impulse that comes by itself to you. I suggest first to use less computers and stay indoors less. Being indoors, and using computers lulls you into your own mental world where you just think and daydream and don't comprehend the real world. After much use, this condition extends out even when you are not doing either. Wrestle your way out of this mental world, and instead focus on the real world. Go outside more, and enjoy fresh air. Even a small walk in a soykafty city park will boost your brain and restore sanity.
If for some reason you use a smartphone, stop. Only use it like a regular phone: to call and to receive. I could write two pages about their harmful effects, but that's probably redundant.

Lastly, try not to watch a screen for half an hour before bed, it's bad for your sleep, and I think sleep is something very important that is neglected. Interestingly, it seems CRT screens are better for your well-being than LCDs.


Go outside.



This probably isn't the right answer but your fears aren't entirely unfounded. I've been interviewed by two FBI agents myself and one of them specifically said the have trip wires in place for these kinds of things. I wasn't very savvy to internet privacy like I am right now but you mentioned encryption so that tells me you are. Depending on your ideology or internet history you could be a person of interest and you'd be monitored more than the average citizen but if you don't you just get the name brand Orwellian surveillance state. If you're browsing a sight like this chances are you have some less than mainstream views which could make you a target but really trying your best to be crypto in the wired is the only thing you can do.



The FBI have arrested several of my friends so to answer your first question YES I DO.

Also I go outside nearly every day I'm not some crazy shut in with nobody to talk to. I'm not addicted to my phone or my computers, I feel like your analysis is a complete mis-diagnosis. I get 7-8hrs of sleep almost every night.


In this case take the other Alice's advise of evaluating your counter surveilance strategy to be still effective but less drastric and much less stress. There has been a lot of really smart and really paranoid people who have had probelm you are experiencing and they have come up with some good solutions. Good luck fam! Stay noided!


Why did they arrest your friends? That's interesting.




This is a fantastic resource, could anyone recommend more material like this?

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