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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Kalyx ######

File: 1525436095299.png (11.09 KB, 570x585, Tanasinn-4.png)


Down with the TSUKI Project.




100% larpfags


File: 1525532463918.png (56.83 KB, 238x127, Screenshot_(299).png)

They have forgotten our saviour Lain and havent even watched mahou shoujo site even though it is basically tsuki project the anime!
i swore an oath not to harm the project… but it would be cooler if they did more lain stuff and less doomsday.


> it is basically tsuki project the anime!

tbh that sounds pretty cool.
月's aesthetics are very nice.


>people are enjoying themselves
>it is somehow at my expense


>some kids start a pretentious role-playing anime apocalypse death-cult
>it is somehow not something to make fun of because the "people are enjoying themselves"
Anyway, I'm kinda worried there are people out there who don't understand it's RP and really fall for that soykaf. But maybe it's a good lesson for them, we'll see.


Not to mention it's just a thinly veiled cyber-/pol/ board. Not the kind of company I would want to keep, personally.


I got similar vibes, but what specifically makes you think this?


The fact that the vetting process for their official Discord server involves asking you if you are a "turbonigger". My own personal interactions with the staff and specifically Tsuki have only reinforced this belief.


I used to legit believe in its lore (for lack of a better word). But Tsuki's shown himself to be unreliable and inconsistent. Everything's gone to soykaf and I don't know why I still haven't unregged yet. I thought the project had potential, but Tsuki has totally ruined it.


That's just for the sake of offensiveness they call outsiders that, they are from from being woke. Tsuki is a soyboy jew that is butt-hurt easily over his friend's brewing soykaf lol. That's all it is really. The ride was fun while it lasted and now it's dead.


People are way too angry over this whole thing. If this is an elaborate way for Tsuki to kill themselves, it's a hell of a way to go out. Just let him have it, undermining his final grand LARP is obviously going to cause retaliation.



File: 1526077668672.jpg (21.19 KB, 640x358, deftones-this-place-is-dea….jpg)

Tsuki Project got revealed to be a scam. There was a post here some months back with screenshots detailing how once you got in you had to buy hard drive space for your soykaf in the afterlife via bitcoin.

Might be an RP now, but it's probably because all the legitimacy drained out after that, and well, all the combined antics of the owner.


would love anything that substantiates that, but I would hardly be surprised if it's true - anyone with the least bit of sense called it out on its cultishness.


File: 1526788570432.png (1023.68 KB, 1274x991, XoMiNV8.png)

you CAN buy storage, but you don't HAVE to buy storage. it's just paying for storage space a la dropbox but less useful and with the LARP lore of ooh it'll come to the next life with you


>4$ per GB
>HDD costs 0.05$ per GB
Could you look up the address he uses for payments or something? I hope it isn't a payment processor. Curious how much scam 2.0 is making him…


I hate people who have strong emotions for systemspace in any way, because they make way too many inferences out of nothing. People who mistake 60% probability for certain truth, or if they discover a possible explanation, it must be the explanation. Stuff around tsuki selling storage is such. No, the project is not anything you think it is, because you have no fucking clue, end of story. Nobody has because even the #1-#800 members who have been around forever probably formed a clique and missed most of it, and so did tsuki while he was gone for what, half a year.


File: 1526829489514.png (95.08 KB, 1306x692, reputablesource.png)

I tried to connect back with the community again after my year long absence, but they called me a newfag and then said "i deserved to be hacked by tsuki". Its scary how much they worship Tsuki, who we all know is just Snoop.

I'll dump screenshots of stuff back when I was owner of the original discord if you guys want.


File: 1526830077611.png (123.56 KB, 1612x1014, tsukk gone.png)

Hmm, I was checking my message logs, and saw a lot of original members deleted their accounts, including Tsuki.


I'm in it for the aesthetics.


File: 1527603844957.gif (481.48 KB, 600x600, DeusVult.gif)

That's pretty pathetic, you were the one who originally created the discord server that allowed the entire community to grow / fester. It was fun to see what'd happen when purported "the day of reckunin" happened, but it passed by with a whimper just like any other date.


Nothing was supposed to happen though, we're allowed to die. That's about it.


I got derezzed from the project because I used a webcrawler to try and find secrets on their website, fuck snoop, glad he's dead.


Who was snoop? I have an EID but have been out for awhile.


File: 1546836864153.png (117.89 KB, 754x370, Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 2….png)

i have had the fucking worst time with the tsuki project. they derezzed me from there chat client almost instantly for asking how to verify an account. i got derezzed 3 MOTHER FUCKING TIMES from there soykaf dead board, thats why im here. these fuckers ban people without telling them why, witch is a fucking spit in the face. one time they derezzed be for the reason "fuck off". i think that toxic admin is behind it, i broke no rules.


You are like a little baby.


lol I didn't think he'd really ban you if I ask
whatever, you're not missing out on anything. imagine joining the twitch chat of an unpopular camwhore, but everyone suffers from untreated mental illness.


He becoming increasingly unstable which is evident in how soykaf the Project has become. There is absolutely nothing of substance in their crap chat so you're not missing much. Just mostly mental illness.


I don get it, so its just role play?


No, that's just what people default to saying when a community of people believe something they don't.



lmao then its much worse and autistic than just role playing, sad


I don't understand what your issue is? You sit here sperging over what a group of people choose to do online, and somehow they're the autistic ones? Get a life


Systemspace community is complete trash. If you insult the project or their dutch god tsuki you get derezzed and get called a hyak. He legit started the project just to get money to buy a new Gpu lmao

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