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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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We have an /x/ board so I thought conspiracy theories and government cover ups should fit right in. Whether it's Nazi gold, gay frogs or email leaks, what are the best and greatest global conspiracies?

This is a favourite video of mine titled "9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money". It is exactly what it sounds like, following the money through the corporations, government and political figures behind the event.


>9/11 Trillions
Wait, I thought it was 6?
They sure do double down on the conspiracies pretty quickly

My personal favorite is the NWO+aliens combination, where NWO is a sort of collaborative, marionette institution. Your imagination has pretty much no limitations, and the humongous projects and facilities that are conjured alongside dwarf any singular effort of humanity by orders of magnitude. It's the 'go big or go home' of conspiracies, and a central node that binds together very very kooky stuff, like hollow Earth, psychic alien contact through channellings, parasitic energy drain to other dimensions etc.
I am amused when people believe that whatever conspiracies there are have large groups of people 'in on it', with thousands and thousands of people consciously involved in malicious plots and deception, and no one spilling the beans, it's just so ridiculous technicality-wise.
That's why it's called conspiracy, after all.
I would concur with many claims by many conspiracy theories and be able to admit that indeed, such a process is going on, but mass intentional involvement is what's often my issue with them. That's not how things happen, it is a very central-planing-ish way of looking at things.
Any covert government action theories is just speculation on hidden activities of the state, and it lacks the kookiness and outlandishness of the deep stuff. It deserves a place in normal discourse.
It's also fun when the theories tie with faux metaphysics and psychedelics, because it tends to produce pure, undiluted blabber.
One of the absolutely least favorites would be the depopulation, due to the anti-vaccination movement, and other anti-medical phobias that it has spawned.


Best conspiracy's are the ones that were real:

The Dreyfus Affair:

Project MKUltra:

How the CIA brought Animal Farm to the screen :

Tuskegee syphilis experiment:


My favourite conspiracy theory (that I made up) is that the Masons are involved in a global conspiracy to make it look like the Masons are in a global conspiracy to rule the world in secret. Their super secret meetings are really just a bunch of them getting together over beer and laughing as they read aloud nutty conspiracy theories about the Masons that they find on the internet.


as a mason I approve of this theory


Illuminati Shadow Government was confirmed in Italy


How about the numerous secret experiments the population was unknowingly subjected to? Hardly conspiracies since they are documented though.

This one is a favorite of mine. A gang in 80s Belgium engaged in high-profile, seemingly senseless/illogical acts of ultraviolence, active for years but never caught, no one is sure where they came from, and what happened to them after 1985. Theories about their motives range from mundane organized crime, left/right wing militias, to Operation Gladio and involvement with pedophile rings known as "Pink Ballets"

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