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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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In light of the recent complaints of "censorship" we decided that a new board may be in order, to move threads to that don't belong anywhere else. You could also soykafpost in there if you want. We're thinking of calling it /w/asteland.

Let us know whether you would prefer to have a containment board of sorts, or if you would rather we just keep deleting garbage posts.


Can't this pepeposting retard be permaderezzed already?


I like that idea.


They're changing IPs.


With a containment board you can only move OP's and the associated reply's, not non-OP individual posts right? so its a incomplete solution, still its an OK idea, i guess I'm for it.

btw where can someone apply to be a mod?


I know there isn't a lot stuff going on but are you really going to make a board just for the single troll that sticks around?


So you're essentially proposing a /trash/ board? Fuck that; just keep deleting garbage posts.

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