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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1565914040031.jpg (127.58 KB, 1520x1080, Opening-Screenshots-serial….jpg)


it seems has a lot of censorship. why is that?


Censorship of what exactly, do you have any ecamples?


I've just noticed that some of my replies or replies I've seen from others get deleted. They're generally stupid soykaf or meme-y things but I always thought that made imageboards fun


Please be more specific.

It's possible they were deleted because they weren't contributing anything to the thread.


When Lainchan was taken over and changed the veterans sought to create a new space for us and that space became Arisuchan.
My curiosity is, when did Arisuchan stop being Arisuchan?


Cringe. Lainchan still has far better threads and discussion. Arisuchan has butthurt mods .

OP is right about too much censorship here (ironic), some mods are just too autistic I guess
*note this will most likely get deleted too :))


Well yeah I still post on both and sometimes I wonder which board to post something on because of the community diversity. Lainchan has some stuff that just works better, Arisuchan isn't getting any better


>mods are censorship nao
Burgers were a mistake


because seph and her mods are mentally ill.


Picking up the litter is not censorship, it's social responsibility.


>everything i disagree with is litter


>my soykafty posts get deleted for being soykafty

Good, that's a sign of quality moderation


Go back to the bunker


this thread is a great example of why certain content is deleted for the sake of maintaining quality on this website


couldn't agree more


I haven't noticed any censorship at all. I hope some mod isn't pow-

>muh brewing soykaf


Auslander raus!


File: 1566034374562.jpg (57.56 KB, 640x625, 1491618009198.jpg)

Every self-proclaimed conservative's goal is to find power-wielding words to abuse them with little to no care.
Quickly, these overused words lose all meaning and stop to shock. Whoever uses them becomes subject to laughter and ridicule, as the values stored in them know the same fate.
These values are what you could call deprecated values, values that still evoke respect but are usually replaced or transformed, their value being stocked into new words. Deprecated values are uncomfortable to deal with, as they are not to be discarded nor used. Being converted to objects of ridicule while their meaning is converted to the screeching of public clowns allows the social body to discard the word without attacking its still recognized old substance.
Such words nowadays are censorship, free speech, free market, cuck, West, white, etc. The "West" could maybe have thrived longer if free speech activists and neocons weren't screeching on the internet and TV everyday of the week against the menace of heathens, communists, so-called antisemites. Instead, the Western nationalist became associated with the figure of the incel, a politically obtuse, entertainment-obsessed dunce, more often than not a closet pedophile obsessed with Japanese cartoons.
Incels and the alike aren't new to society, and they play a very important role akin of those of bacteria in a decaying body: by breaking down all complex components, they allow the matter to be recycled once again in new form in the endless cyclical universe of appearances.


stopped reading right there


Point proven


dumbest soykaf i ever read on this chan


First, this will be move to /q/.

If you legitimately believe that there is "censorship" on the site you are more than welcome to post screenshot on another website and report it back here.


It's probably spam filtering. We have some very high-tier AIs filtering out all the spam. The key is that spammers don't really know they are spamming, they think they are free speaking or discussing politics or whatever.


File: 1566269109371.gif (643.56 KB, 320x240, mei.gif)

'Censorship' is such an obvious fucking dogwhistle these days. This isn't the press. It's a private forum run by somebody on their own private server—you're still free to walk outside of your tumbledown unabomber cabin in Montana and mutter about how much you hate minorities or whatever. You aren't fooling anybody. Back to 8chan please—oh wait, that's right. lol.


File: 1568718465370.jpg (170.75 KB, 1356x668, file-20180829-195331-1qufo….jpg)

But doesn't censorship imply the suppression of ideas? I don't really see that here…

Deleting trash-tier brewing soykaf isn't censorship, it's stewardship. Learn and appreciate the difference.

Hint: one is bad, the other is good, and it is the raison d'être of arisuchan.

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