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Kalyx ######

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Would arisuchan add a Japanese laungauge board? I feel like by simply laying out the doormat for the japanese crowd we might might attract more quality users, Japan's one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, the originator of the chan, In general highly creative and innovative, and where much cyberpunk culture comes from, also sel.

So please add a Japanese laungauge board.




We'll add this soon.




Yeah! Thank you (:


Implying a quality user would prefer posting here (although it's better than most western boards) over Futaba.


there are actual quality and free speech japanese imageboards, why would they come here and try to form a new community? with a mentally ill admin and her lapdog mods.


is there even a single jap browsing this chan ?


shrug either they will or they wont. dosent hurt to find out. Although it's not like there will be much interaction because the language barrier. Even so, on the rare occasion that they're proficient in english or vise versa, than I think that those interactions would be valuable.


File: 1566283335433.jpg (390.02 KB, 2048x1362, 1522085824749.jpg)

We've added a weebJapanese board as requested. You may type /jp/ or /日本語/ to access it.

Also the board subtitle may be completely butchered, but my power level isn't high enough to know. Let me know if it should be corrected.

Enjoy. ^_^


掲示板 / 板 may be better
Let's see if anyone comes..


Also link on the main page?
Thanks, btw.


板 would be the way to go here.

I predict that there will be people testing out their Japanese there.




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