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Kalyx ######

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I only came across this not too long ago and I've been wondering how old it is. Because it doesn't seem to be affected by brewing soykaf or anything like that right now and thats why I really like this place


april 13/14 2017
was called then
arisu hates lain because lain is an applecuck


lainchan was founded in first half of 2014.

Lainchan was sold by its founder, kalyx, to Appleman, second half 2016.

Some staff, and users, got fed up with Appleman, and forked it into, some time after that. my memory is poor.

We are, nevertheless, basically a lainchan fork.


>arisu hates lain
its just u , seph
most of , if not all of the userbase here visits lainchan as well


I don't visit it either, so Seph is not alone.


File: 1548800963594.png (7.03 KB, 288x302, Mriooooo.png)

just wanted to say i dont visit it either, so Seph is not alone x2


File: 1548805362242.jpg (124.99 KB, 751x1063, 1545288113371.jpg)

I don't hate lain but I don't post there or even lurk. I wish them the best of luck despite there poor post quality.



im also gay


>Some staff, and users, got fed up with Appleman
That's kind of an oversimplification. After kalyx, certain remaining staff and a handful of long time users (along with Seph, who had been added to staff shortly before kalyx sold the site in order to stave off homelessness for a few more months) noticed that Appleman had a drastically different approach to community engagement (which was completely hands-off and non-personal to the point of cringe, just look at lainchan's frontpage to this day), they petitioned Appleman a list of demands in the lainchan Mumble what they thought he should be doing to maintain the site's culture moving forward. He told everyone in the channel that their suggestions would be taken into consideration, but gave no clear indication that they actually would; his tone of voice was very dismissive and it was clear to everyone (especially Seph) that nothing would be done.

The idea of creating a splinter site had been thrown around before, but kalyx wasn't really interested in the idea out of concern for the community's wellbeing. He started lainchan while homeless, and wasn't about to start another under similar circumstances. Some of the remaining staff were actually open to the idea, but weren't interested in creating an explicitly lain-themed splinter site either. Seph on the other hand, was, and surprised everyone by launching out of nowhere and invited kalyx and former staff admin and moderator positions on what was now technically her new imageboard. This new relationship wouldn't last the summer, and kalyx alongside former staff were removed from their new positions due to perceived inactivity and replaced by an entirely new influx of people with which Seph had been in touch with independently of them and now's once fledgling userbase.

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