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Kalyx ######

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I'm glad that arisuchan exists because lainchan is soykaf now


Welcome to arisuchan. Enjoy your stay, Alice.


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Yeah this place is pretty cool, I should post more often.


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I'm a board refugee and I'm really ecstatic I found arisuchan. This place is great; people are kind, information is plentiful, conversations are intriguing and interactive. Where as compared to other places; they are unkind filled with nothing but trolls and terrible post. I mean not to be a brown nose, I just wanted to give feedback to this amazing place.


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Retards are flooding in since the beginning of the year though

Give it time and it'll become another Hello World Ancap soykafdump


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This place is too girly for my tastes. Lainchan is just fool of edgy highschoolers.
Where'd I fit in?


the net is wide and deep, go to the closest place you can get and hang out, get to know some people, and eventually they'll likely help move you in the right direction, and the right direction.

the net is always changing, sometimes the place you want is absent for the time being, sometimes you'll have to make it, but its in there.


What's wrong with lainchan?

I am only here because my employer filtered lainchan Present Day, Present Time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


>What's wrong with lainchan?
they can be a bitсh triсked.


File: 1542530519107.jpg (44.73 KB, 640x480, Sailor_Moon_04x24_The_Powe….jpg)

Hello friend


People who made this site made it because they was fed up with lainchan('s owner). It was called for a while to show that this is a schism.

Imho, both sites suffer from the same problem, and there's no fixing 80% of your userbase.

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