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structure and interpretation of computer programs.

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artificial intelligence

beginner programming questions





computer history


deep learning

esoteric programming languages



functional programming


intro to CS




operating system/kernel development

language design and implementation


machine learning

natural language processing


parallel computing



programming folklore

programming paradigms


reinforcement learning





semantic web

shell scripting (bash, dash, zsh, sh, coreutils)

studying methods



Visual Basic



I hope the LISP thread gets made soon! I'd do it myself, but I don't know the language family nearly well enough to be authoritative about it.


You don't have to make a "general," if you want to talk about something just make a thread about it.


Will do, then.


Yeah, I've sadly noticed both lainchans have too many generals, since threads, sadly, never die. It becomes more like an archive than an imageboard. Polite sage for offtopic post.


File: 1500155511895.png (11.1 KB, 373x213, pythonic_cpp.png)

Hi guys,
I was playing around with an Arduino today and I was wondering why the Arduino-version of C++ has some features (like new and delete) cut out?
Is it just to discourage people from heap-allocating object because this isn"t practical on an embedded system?


I think they wanted to use libc for memory reasons and missing features in the language is just a side effect of that.


I don't really understand why Arduino uses C++ at all. It really just uses C features, except for sometimes organizing things as objects (Serial.print). It's very useless though, it could just as easily be serial_print. Perhaps it's because they want to abstract away string manipulation with std::string, so that newbies can print some text through serial or an LED without worrying about null bytes or memory leaks. I guess it really reveals the priorities of the platform though.


It's an ARM processor - you can code for it in any language you want so long as you're able to compile it down to the right assembly. You're right that the default, introductory dev environment was catered towards newcomers, but don't let that limit you.


Learning Python, want to be able to build/program my own systems from the circuits and mechanics to machine learning algs eg. robotics. It would seem physics and programming is where I should be focused.

can anyone recommend a good self teaching stack? Looking to get right into applying/building.

I'm 30 and feel like ive wasted so much time, sole provider so i cant just go back to school.

There has to be good crash course suggestions, communities for learning, anything?


File: 1503764148188-0.png (3.25 KB, 256x256, fsharp256.png)

File: 1503764148188-1.png (17.03 KB, 200x200, ocaml.png)

Request addition of F# and OCaml to the list of items – kthxbai.


File: 1504215464103.jpg (62.58 KB, 600x831, B-6PwecU4AEOig7.jpg)


arduino's "C++" can barely be called what it is.


Sakura is the only sane option for me.
Used urxvt but getting things to work was a pain in the ass (for me)


BTW OP what's the suggested information for starting one of these threads?

Would a list of resources suffice to get things moving?


Look at the catalog and see the other threads for comparison.


Looks like there is a scala threadλ/res/737.html




functional programming thread is up


Yay! ^_^


I'm surprised we still don't have Julia or Scheme/SICP threads yet.


I'm still surprised that there is no C, C++ or Java but yet we have a Python one.


learn reverse engineering? it'll allow you to understand programs without their source code which is useful to hack them, write plugins for them etc…

you'll need to learn assembly first and learn how to use IDA PRO then you could try to write your own programs…

And if you want to apply your physics/reverse engineering knowledge you could try to hack video games I'd recommend source engine games or quake games since they are open source and easier to start with though the physics/math part isn't super advanced compared to research lvl,mostly linear algebra(linear applications)/geometry/trigonometry


> Looking to get right into applying/building.
Get an Arduino, or install Qemu and learn machine language for whatever architecture pulls you. Go to, it has great tutorials. Read the book called "CODE: The hidden language of computer hardware and software", it's a great intro. Learn about digital logic design, get Verilog and play with it.


C thread's up


>C thread's up
Thanks, Alice!


File: 1512392252930.png (1.34 MB, 1301x1560, S0CBGxB.png)

Racket is like an abusive wife. Now that I know how it works, I have been using it everywhere. But the language can behave in absolutely fucking autistic ways.

Anyone else use racket?


Yeah, Racket is truly a LISP with batteries included. I feel more comfortable in Racket than Clojure, but the community is relatively small. Either way I'd like to do more side projects in Racket.


File: 1520579607877.gif (2.69 MB, 252x320, 1404443625493.gif)

Where do I go if I want help with my beginner coding exercises?
I'm learning C with the C Premier Plus and I always need help with the exercises the book provides.
Should I make a thread for that?


Yes, just make one.


Feel free to make a thread with beginner programming questions as it is requested thread on board.


tfw still no thread ;~;


Why not make one? I know nothing about Julia but I wouldn't mind checking it out.


Hey. I learn C but i want write some little project for improve my skill. Can u give advise what i can write?
P.S Pls jesus dont tell write own OS



We should post bounties for threads and send arisuchan stickers to the author.


It would be nice to have links to the existing threads.


>It would be nice to have links to the existing threads.
That's a good idea. I went ahead and updated the OP to include links to topics that already have threads. Thanks.


Request shell scripting (bash/dash/zsh/sh/coreutils/…)


There are actually people here that like F#, too? Jesus what kind of magical place is this?


File: 1537861649687.png (117.34 KB, 272x240, _.png)

is this thread really a good idea for a board this slow?

this chan is slow in general but this board in particular feels more like one is shouting into space than others.

i understand that this thread is trying to spark a variety of conversation but this has (inadvertently) set a bar too high for any group of programmers let alone the small group of (mostly) newbies that are here now. even the flow of beginner threads has dried up.

i'd personally love to read any ideas on how to bring a little life to this corner of the internet. I have a handful of my own but those can wait for another post.


File: 1538507307073.jpg (101.5 KB, 900x900, sad.jpg)

The giants have to fall first. The internet as a whole progressed into its later stages. Everyone seeks quantity instead of quality discussion. This site could've been 10x more prosperous 15 years ago.


i think cuz the site looks almost unreadable without much styling


Please add to OP:

Quantum Computer Programming: >>1161




File: 1550674169787.png (711.59 KB, 1332x850, 15504166353180.png)

How can I to learn the true programming? I mean the skill of craft to full and well soft.
I know 2 language's syntax, but i couldn't connect the pieces of code in fully soft..


don't know if that'd be soft enough for you, but practicing it is usually the way to go. The details would vary here, but trudging through sicp exercises would be one way of doing it.

And then mix in some routine to practice posting in the relevant threads too.


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