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structure and interpretation of computer programs.

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A lot of "beginner" threads in programming boards aren't very academic and aren't really directed towards actual beginners. They almost never share resources for someone who has literally never typed a single line of code in their entire life. The following two textbooks and courses may be especially challenging for the person I've just described, but they actually start at the beginning and introduce one to programming in a rigorous manner that endows one with a conceptual understanding of the science of computation and how to think computationally rather than only how to engage in programming itself.

Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python
with Application to Understanding Data





Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science


Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python




Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science




Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Scheme)









File: 1493491363210.pdf (7.04 MB, think_like_a_programmer.pdf)


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The summer session of the MITx course on edX referenced in >>20 is starting soon. Part one of the two part sequence begins on May 30th.

It wouldn't hurt to read some of the textbook and watch some of the on-campus lectures between now and then, but the course really is designed for those just learning programming for the first time.

If anyone else is Interested, I would enjoy running a study group on Discord or Telegram. Please let me know if you would like to join.


I'm game if it's not just the two of us.


I've signed up for the course too! I am actually a beginner though, so we might be coming to this course from pretty different perspectives…


If this works out and in the future you decide to run study groups for more advanced subjects i'm totally in. Actually does anyone know if there is any sort of study group kind of thing like this going on somewhere else on the internet already? (with varying difficulties or something idk)


I just finished streaming the first video lecture with a few others here:

I will be doing the same every day for the next 11 days. That is about the same time the edX course starts, but the first assignment will not be due for a few weeks thereafter.

If you would like to participate in the edX study group, ask for the
tag so that you may be pinged when we are meeting. Hope to see you there.


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Are you asking about computer science specifically?

If so there is a study group doing a Coursera machine learning course taught by Andrew Ng no less:

It begins May 29th.


a little old, but you may want to check out "#/g/sicp Gentoomen Programming, Computer Science, Wizardry, and General Technology Book Library" at



>Academic Lectures
Does anyone know if this version of the course, from 2011, is too severely outdated to watch instead of the one posted?
Asking because I'm having real trouble following that woman's explanation. She is so bad at talking that it would be troublesome to understand her telling you a list of grocery shopping, let alone something like this, and on top of that she explains like she's talking to a 6 year old, that is when she's not breathing like she just ran a mile instead of actually talking. It's too painful!

Also, I'm studying the book as well, from the same course. They recommend you use anaconda, but would I have too much trouble using vim configured for python as in this guide, for the exercises?
I like vim a lot and didn't see anything about anaconda that'd make me want to use it, but if it is a must for the course obviously I will.


>Does anyone know if this version of the course, from 2011, is too severely outdated to watch instead of the one posted?
Too severely outdated to learn computer science? No. Too severely outdated to learn a useful programming language? Sort of. The 2011 lectures still used the first edition of the textbook which used Python 2. The 2016 lectures were updated to the second edition of the textbook which uses Python 3.5. Also for what it's worth the second course in the sequence has different instructors.

If I were Alice, I would just be sure to read the textbook readings (they're linked in OP) before watching each lecture. That's what she would be doing if she were on campus anyways.

Best of luck, young wizard! ^_^


I think I might have fallen in love with you
are you a girl?


Thanks based lainanon


File: 1517336096415.pdf (6.13 MB, javanotes7-linked.pdf)

Here's a textbook I got when I went to a supplemental Computer Science class some time ago.
Its for Java


So there is SICP study group on Slack (i know i know,, and it's kinda dead already. So if any of you want to participate, please join and let's learn SICP together!
Btw, here is a help page with useful SICP-related things:


what if im a beginner


the biggest disadvantage of being a beginner is thinking you can't do whatever you want.
it might take work, but you can.


i would try, i already have the book. learning javascript and python atm.



what project are you working on rn?


i want to build a website, already know some basic html and css. just need to learn how to put it all together. its taken a backseat for a little bit because im concerned with learning the linux command line. i eventually plan on learning php too and later c. after i learn the command line then im going to continue with javascript and python and try and build some websites.
How about u?


We all are beginners there, just join slack and stop worrying.


File: 1518491521125.png (2.97 MB, 2200x3276, 1512689929138.png)

isn't that SICP thing outdated? sound like a meme to me


It uses MIT Scheme which is a bit outdated now, but there are modern Scheme implementations that can run the original code. The rest of the book is not likely to become outdated soon, unless there's some fundamental change in how computers work.


File: 1520580091685.png (69.23 KB, 177x344, 1475540662813.png)

Those resources look useful but I'm concerned they teach CC with python.
I imagine that in CC they mostly see about the machine's inner working so won't python be too high level for that stuff?
And even after learning CC with python how hard would it be to learn other languages?


What's CC in this context?


Computer Cience
Oh god I'm an idiot


Ah, no, despite the name, computer science has little to do with actual computers. It's about "computing" in the abstract, mostly mathematical point of view. It's mainly concerned with what can be computed and how, what kind of algorithms exist (and can exist), how you can classify them, and things like that. You could study it without ever actually touching a computer and nobody would notice. The study of actual computers' workings is usually called computer engineering and the study of building software is software engineering. Sometimes people like to abuse terms and call everything computer science, but they are wrong.


Oh, if that's the case then computer science is not for me.
Thanks for your time, forget about the posts i made.


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Unsure if this fits even remotely, but at the bottom of this page you can find some nice free programming books for kids from the 80's: Does Basic and Machine Code, but for 80's Microcomputers. It's really quite nifty to look through these, as the design is absolutely gorgeous. I don't know what other thread would be appropriate to share something like this, but I figured that people on here would appreciate it, so I post it here. May belong more into >>>/art/

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