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Hello. II'm curious about the language Fortran and how many of you use it or know it. I'm going to purchase a few books on it since I'm interested in learning it for myself.


I had to use it for a class at university,
but i don't think i'd ever use it to actually do anything.


Use of Fortran is very specific. For example, I know that it is fairly used in nuclear industry because it's rapid development began when fotran was the most popular scientific lang. A lot of fundamental libraries for nuclear engineering were written in it.
However times change and these are slowly being ported to more modern langs.
If you are interested in it as a hobby tho, then there are still some who share the passion, but it is better to seek company on more specialized forums. It is quite a specific hobby, after all.


I found a forum for it specifically so I think I'll poke around there for a while. Thanks for your time.


no offence, but why are you interested in it?

i always thought it was like C but uglier and not as useful.


None taken. Mostly, I just wanted to learn it. Don't often have a real reason for doing most of the things that I do other than "it feels right". Looked interesting to me, so I got started.


I've used it a bit. If you're into procedural languages, it can be pretty comfortable.

>but uglier
Opposite of the Truth. It's like C but pretty.


It's a great language that is still used today. I find people who bash fortran who don't really know what modern fortran is like to be dumb. Of course, don't learn Fortran 77, learn Fortran 2008. Fortran is the fastest language for numerical computing bar none.


what did you use fortran for?


Don't worry, I wasn't planning on learning '77. I think I'll pick up a book sometime soon on 2008 though, it seems really nice,


Consider 2016, since it is the latest version.


Woops, I'll do that instead then.


I got my first job becaue I knew FORTRAN 77 (in 2011). Not good to learn in isolation, sure, when you could learn a newer verson, but FORTRAN 77 and even FORTRAN IV are still pretty valuable skills if you want to program in nuclear/aerospace.


if you know procedural programming,
you basically know fortran.

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