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File: 1494079106242.png (117.88 KB, 640x640, neo_logo.png)


So I started a decently ambitious project a while ago: to make a nice client for matrix (
I've come quite a way since, and it's almost in a usable state!

The special thing about neo is that it runs it's own local daemon, with which frontends can communicate.
For that person I have and now.

Since it's very barebones right now, I would love help, or suggestions. Implementing roomswitching is the highest priority at the moment, and then encryption (using matrix' libolm, the readme is incorrect)

So, what do you think lains?
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why did you choose to go with a local daemon and a frontend? im not sure i quite see the benefits to doing that, since i imagine identities are tied to front ends, and you can already host your own matrix server.

that aside this is a really cool project and im interested to see where it goes. maybe ill learn some go and contribute to it if i can. good luck, lain!


I met a very talented artist, who made it for me

At the moment: Go
In the future I am probably switching from using gobs (Go data format) to json for daemon-client communication. This means you could help make another frontend in every language you want!

I imagine it in basically the same way mpd works, to provide one single backend for multiple different clients


I have resumed development on Neo. It's a complete rewrite, this time I'm trying a GUI client with Python 3 and GTK


I assume this will be simply a standalone GUI client and only that?



File: 1503571394620.png (978.48 KB, 1040x585, IMG_20170824_044120.png)


Any lains here have experience/advice for beowulf clusters? Pic currently is 4 of 8 total pc's set to make up my cluster, hp motherboards with proprietary power adapters and core 2 quads at 3ghz or so with 4gb of ram each, basically made on the budget of a McDonalds meal and two shoestrings. In total I've probably spend about 65$ on these, mostly on ram and psu's oddly enough, and I just need a few more power supplies to get them all up and running in tandem. Im going to use them as a render cluster and im thinking of getting the google deepmind AI source files and maybe puting the AI through my own environments…Either way im definitely going to look into mining monero on them to atleast start earning some of the money back, anyone have other ideas/uses for parallel computing across this machine? Any help or ideas appreciated ^_^

File: 1497046151244-0.jpg (190.47 KB, 1280x768, dinnertray1.jpg)

File: 1497046151244-1.jpg (81.81 KB, 1280x940, kreisel1.jpg)

File: 1497046151244-2.jpg (168.61 KB, 1280x768, doxwithpalmrests.jpg)


If you are planning to build something physical or have already done so, post it here. Pictures, experiences, questions and tips/tricks are welcome.
to start off here's a few projects that i enjoyed, a dinner tray with a melamine-faced chipboard as the bottom with a frame made from pearwood, a little spinning top i turned on the lathe and my ergodox case and palmrests.
a good tip for the start: sharpen your tools properly, this makes working both more fun and more exact.
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So you cut it out in sheets and stuck them together rather than routing cut outs and partially removed parts from a solid block?

Does having the trackball in the middle get annoying when you're using it a lot due to having the keyboard in the way? What about having it in the centre but below the keyboard? Say between your thumb pads?


no, i cut out the two different layers (top and middle)in birch plywood which i then used with a router to route it into my real pieces.
the problem with having it in the middle is arm strain, if you use something a lot it should be directly in front of your shoulder, not between your shoulders.
and it should be at a similar height, you can just try it out with dummy objects to see what i mean.


Ahh I get you. I hadn't thought of it like that. My thought was that it being close to your hands would make it easier but it would make it worse when you actually want to use it for more than a small movement.


File: 1501146206930-0.jpg (2.47 MB, 6032x4012, DSC_0379.jpg)

File: 1501146206930-1.jpg (3.04 MB, 6032x4012, DSC_0386.jpg)

I had previously made these two pieces on a woodlathe out of some basswood to make custom cups for my pair of SHP-9500s' but didn't like the sound or the fact I made them mismatching sizes. So instead I cut an inset part into the larger one allowing for the smaller one to fit inside thus making a neat little box for my earings/gauges. I used an exacto knife to remove the required material.


that's a cool usage idea, making things true to measurements on a woodlathe is not exactly easy.

File: 1501988668938.jpg (1.38 MB, 3120x3120, IMG_20170806_145634.jpg)


I've decided I'm sick of waking up to my phone making horrible sounds so I'm building an alarm clock that will use light to wake me up. Hopefully.

The LED strip was the part of a TV's back light. It's powered off a ~20V supply I found. It uses a attiny85 connected to an external crystal oscillator to keep time and control the LED's. I've ordered a 4 digit display to connect up but I have a feeling my program wont be able to fit in the attiny85 at that point so I'm ordering at atmega328 next pay day.

Anybody else made clocks before? Anybody know how well a micro controller is likely to keep time? I've done one test and after 7 hours it was about spot on.

If anybodies interested I can post about code or updates once the other parts arrive.

Love Lain.


I once replaced the light switch in my room with a relay and hooked up an alarm clock I made with an Arduino to it. The Arduino would flash the lights until I got out of bed and walked across the room to press a button. It worked great!… for the first week or so. The problem is, you very quickly become immune to flashing lights. After a week or two, it didn't wake me up at all. So… word of warning.

About keeping time: if it does not have a timing chip, microcontrollers do not keep time well at all. I calibrated mine based on clock speed, and then left it running for a month to get the amount it went out of sync on average, and then used that value to correct it. Even after doing that, it still become out of sync again very fast; a couple of seconds each day. The problem is that temperature affects the clock speed more than I expected.

I eventually just went back to my regular sound-based alarm clock, but I haven't bothered to remove the relay and Arduino stuff so I just don't have a working light in my room anymore.


From what I've heard and read an external crystal will be significantly better than the internal oscillator. But I'll see.
I kind of figured I'd get used to the light. It's more of a sign I should get out of bed than a wake up right now. So it gradually turns on, stays full for half an hour then fades off. Seems to work so far.


Yeah, this didn't work. I have now ordered some RTC boards.

File: 1502291303799.png (10.84 KB, 176x181, 176px-XMPP_logo.svg.png)


XMPP chat room
register an account from any server here
pass "think bule count one to"


File: 1502303215319.jpg (254.67 KB, 1920x1080, screenshot023.jpg)

>not discord


File: 1502303559009.jpg (40.17 KB, 628x478, zoidberg_donotwant.jpg)

> A proprietary program, not FOSS

Might stop by eventually.


I think you misinterpreted my post a bit. I was expressing love and affection for this non-discord communications channel.


Then I did misinterpret it. I associated the covered grin and green-text with smugness.

I'll probably have to check what's needed to maintain some basic privacy over xmpp but it's nice to have the option.

File: 1501702401385.jpeg (584.56 KB, 2322x4128, solder.jpeg)


I recently got my hands on a T420s from a company that was going to scrap the thing, no screen, no hdd, no ram, they felt sorry for me and threw in the battery, battery is worth $60 on it's own, I paid $42

Started buying parts, screen, hdd caddy, threw some extra ram and a hard drive I had laying around into it, loaded it up with Debian

Screen comes in, wooooo, hook it up, no backlight, did a bit of research those fuses can blow for like no reason, so I shorted it, pic related, it's the solder

I don't want to put it back together just yet, I've never soldered before and I know that isn't perfect

It boots, it works, but can something like that catch fire? or am I just looking at a pop and some smoke?


I hate to say it, but I've confirmed continuity between the fuse, and the capacitor on it's left, pretty sure the cap is dead as a result, on a possibly related note, I can no longer boot to a usb hard drive, flash drives aren't a problem but anything that requires a larger amount of power isn't being detected, not a huge issue really, I just want to know that I won't get literally burned by my laptop


The system seems to work, I've just gotten an Ultrabay Hard Drive caddy in the mail and transferred my OS from a USB Hard Disk to some old spinning rust I had laying around, I may throw an SSD in the primary slot when that part shows up in a few days.

Other than that I need the RAM cover, I wanted to set this thing in my lap and walk around with it, but that's covered in electrical tape, soon this glorious little machine will be complete.

I intend to use it as a workstation, Code & Paperwork, the boring adult stuff. I've yet to come up with a name, though considering what I put this thing through the fact that it's not a smoking wreck from ESD or a short or both is pretty awesome, I guess the name should reflect that.

File: 1496067080343.png (179.43 KB, 1024x946, c3b6aa93e2ce90ffbd826dc8b1….png)


Would there be interest in a fork of the Android app everychan with support as well as support for applechan?


That would be cool. It would be really cool if all vichan-based IBs were tested to work with it.


i am both interested and willing to contribute. originally i was going to fork clover exclusively for jp and then eventually add support for applechan as well. i have been following clover's repo for a while and have a vague understanding of how it works.
that being said im happy to use any other opensource chan viewing android app (jeez that's a mouth full), so fork away to so we can get cooking, my fellow lain


If you want to you could try working on a Clover fork, I chose Everychan as it seems like it would be the easiest one to set up and maintain considering it already has (somewhat broken) support.


I would absolutely love a fork, wit tor support it would be epic


A module for Dashchan would also be a good idea.

File: 1493617191407.jpg (1.03 MB, 2840x2627, tmp_6270-IMG_20170501_2236….jpg)


So lains, have any of you made custom headphones or modded any?

I put 8ohm drivers in an old Soviet tank helmet for about a decade ago. Recently cleaned ut up with 32ohm drivers and removed the dead neck mics.

I love them for sleeping as they are super comfy.
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When I made my headphones in the old stinky helmet I just wanted to experiment, and its been a lot of fun.

I have tried quite a few different drivers in them.

Some headphone drivers really reply on that closed cup, some don't, but the painful part is you cant just buy them and try.

I salvage broken headphones and try them when i get them, I put an add for a while, $5 for your broken headphones. provided they where not cheap headphones.


Might be dead, being the end of the month, but could you do a sort of guide on how you did it?


How do you keep it clean? Is there removable lining?


Oh damn mate, I'm sorry.

Its a very modular set of headphones, just where the mics join at your neck and pop out the headphones, pull the microphones though the holes and bam, a blank set, fit some drivers and wire it up, easy as.


Just use baby wipes to wipe it out. Easy as.


Derp I meant

File: 1494706746919.jpg (108.48 KB, 736x522, servers.jpg)


Self Hosted Email General

Who else here self hosts?

Why self host email?
Email is a very valuable source of information for yourself and others. Storing you're email and services on a self hosted machine reduces the ability of others to access and monitor your conversations, we can make sure all communication are encrypted, not just take the word of the host. We can also ensure the security and manageability of our backups and choose our own software to do mail delivery.

Linux Software
All In One


SMTP Servers


Delivery Agents


Webmail clients

WebMail Lite


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File: 1494711890501.gif (434.88 KB, 475x344, 1491797200522.gif)

Locally, the server is sitting in the room next to me.

I have a beefy internet link with a static IP both v4 and v6.

I avoid VPS's or offsite servers for live personal data.


Oh. I would if I could.
I mentioned on another board that Comcast blocks the ports required.
What do you guys do? I want to be able to physically touch and own the mailserver, but I can't run one here.


I had that problem, I ended up proxying the connection. The VPS at that point was simply a bounce point, for my home server for email.

Hits the VPS on port 25, VPS forwards the connection to my home IP on port 5678, server and client establish a SSL connection using comodo signed cert so if the VPS is compromised who cares?


Ahh, this makes sense. I suppose I can try that, but with letsencrypt instead.
Thank you for the idea!


You could use socat, or IP Tables with NAT, ultimately its for you to figure out.

Socats easy, but tbh probs soykaf even with service monitoring.

I used IP Tables like this

File: 1492567921075.jpg (18.43 KB, 1020x680, plain white t-shirt.jpg)


What can you do with a plain white t-shirt?

Cut it up into rags. Seems like a bit of a waste, but everyone needs rags, right?
Pull it over your head and let it rest on your shoulders. You've got an oddly-shaped but functional scarf.
* Turn it into a mask.


this girl who wanted to date me put stencil designs on some of my t-shirts. she never gave them back to me, which was a little strange, but she was a strange person.


I've noticed most people who date me are strange people. Statistics however suggest that I may actually be the outlier in this whole sorry mess…

Can't say I've had any steal my shirts though.


lol when I was a kid (17) I was a gothkid and had a reallly nice black velvet cloack.
I met a girl who pretended she was really into me (as in, really crazy about me), but as soon as I lended her my cloack I barely heard of her again.


haha, that's wild. I think we stopped communicating because I didn't offer the kind of relationship she was looking for: I'm not into dating for the sake of it, nor am I catholic and waiting till marriage. Also, I didn't friend her back on facebook or seek out her company. She was nice though, cute and fun to cuddle with. Just a little odd, a little clingy, and had some weird notions about dating that I wanted to stay away from.

Anyway, white t-shirts: I just got some aerosal t-shirt paint and I intend to make t-shirts for an upcoming political march with it. We've also got the stencils made, so it should be cool.

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