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File: 1511307805286.png (1.32 MB, 1524x867, eyetap.png)


Sup' Alice, what do you think of EyeTap? It's basically the precursor to Google Glass - a wearable computer that records what you see and displays additional information in front of your eye.
I always wanted something like this, so I can use it to IRC 24/7 and experiment with computer-mediated reality. Unfortunately, I lack the necessary skills in optics and 3D printing to build one myself.


>I lack the necessary skills
develop them. everyone lacks them at some point.


While this anon's answer is relatively unhelpful it does highlight a question. What kind of skills are necessary to build a functional EyeTap?

For sure electronics 101, and minimally eye-tracking ( ?), but also some optical recognition for it to be in the slightest bit able to do more than display a static overlay.

Anyone has good sources for the required skills grouped or individually? I'm curious too.


Wouldn't this mess up your focusing?


You could take a cheapo security camera you can get on aliexpress for less than $5, take the spectrum filter out, and have a full spectrum camera. Now overlay what the camera sees on your normal vision. Maybe it could automatically come on if the light level drops or something.

I can wiggle my ears, maybe I could find a way to use that as a control, like Hawking's keyboard

If you found a way to interface with the little square displays that they had on the back side of flip phones, that would be the perfect. Resolution doesn't really matter that much, but 60 hz refresh would certainly be nice to have.

If anyone knows of a good place to source a good beamsplitter/mirror or display that would be easily interfaced with that is a good size, please share.

File: 1492751479107.jpg (61.29 KB, 798x798, 17796237_1829070647357379_….jpg)


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*I don't really care where you put it… Part of it's purpose is to remain ahead of whatever titles people associate with it.


File: 1492823467358.png (4.48 MB, 4960x3508, ProtoscytheIMAGE.png)

Okay I understand, being that this thread needs some substantial purpose ~ here is the weapon prototype that I am working on as a part of this. It is tentatively named the Protoscythe® as a part of another project. I've been building this for a few years so I've put a fair amount of time and effort into it…


File: 1492845177971.gif (52.99 KB, 512x378, 1492848357723961.gif)


File: 1492856641282.png (Spoiler Image, 922.35 KB, 1000x800, |||poster.png)

I'm not posting too much of this until I've got some things like a publisher organized - any suggestions would be appreciated…



File: 1505525402390.png (268.08 KB, 600x500, lain-bored.png)


That command line interface here seems great, but any know another similar projects?


File: 1503291541567.jpg (214.57 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


Feel free to move this thread over to /λ/ which might be where it belongs but I think, given the less programming focused nature of the subject I decided to put it here.

Godot is a godsend for me, I've always wanted to make a game engine, but I'm a lazy soykafstain. I always planned that if I ever got around to making said game engine, it would be mostly written in C++ with the scripting done in another language like Python, so the engine runs in C++ and enemy behavior and events are controlled by the interpreter, manipulating objects defined at a lower level. Somebody already made that, it's called Godot and it's great, and I'd love to see what lainchan can do with such a toolkit.

I'd never heard of this, I dunno maybe I'm just ignorant but when I finally stumbled across it it removed my last excuse not to work on a project I've had simmering for a while, remaking a game I played when I was a kid, but it seems not many others had at least here in the States

So yeah, DIY games thread, grab the source & compile it, or grab a binary, or hell, just download it off steam of all places. It's entirely open source and so far the only issue is that their scripting language GDScript is giving me some trouble, but I'm a soykaf programmer so someone smarter than me probably won't have such an issue.

Would love to see what you're working on, love to contribute to projects, love to test games. Let's have some fun with this.

Bonus Round: Godot supports exporting to other platforms, natively. Even the PS3 of all fuarrrking things, android, iOS if I remember correctly, now this is gonna sound weird but I've always wanted to develop homebrew apps for the PS2. I'm not sure why, I was really into the homebrew scene for that about four years ago and I always wanted to write my own software for it, but I never got around to it. If anyone's familiar with the architecture could they help me add a feature for that? I dunno that's probably too much to ask


I've recently been using the engine because I wanted a solid engine that I could just run on Linux natively. I previously worked with Unity and the transition over to Godot was really simple and smooth. I've been really liking the engine overall, though its pretty obviously geared around 2D rather than 3D.

I haven't really done much on the 3D side, but unless I really see that it can be a replacement for Unity's 3D, I'm not entirely sure if I can ditch Unity.


I'm thinking about making something in Godot, I know some C# so start will be a little easier. Any ideas what can I make?

File: 1507176932353.jpg (218.25 KB, 1324x976, usb crypto jawn.jpg)


Anyone know enough about hardware to put together a bills of material so I could order the parts to make my own open source hardware flash drive? Found this project that seems to have everything that's needed
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Something that has DIY controller, and bare silicon memory chips.


doesnt seem like that is available to purchase or even to build tho


shouldn't making a fully open source USB pretty simple thing now?



the problem is finding an open microcontroller.

Some people are working on the first one:

But even this is not 100% open, as explained in the article.


jeez that sucks =\

what about this u2f zero though isnt this completely open source? it stores some data in it

File: 1504992855824.jpg (773.04 KB, 2048x1536, protokvass.jpg)


So hopefully today I will be starting what is a long and successful journey into making slavic drink in my house. I've been researching this for a while, and in light of our recent merger, i think I should finally get started. For references I'm using, some advice from one of my friend's parents, some notes scribbled in cheeki breeki that I can't read, and some other notes I took from everyone I could find in mumble who was eastern european. I'm mostly interested because the ingredients are basically free, I'll be loosely following this recipe.

Thick kvass with raisins

Pour over dried rye bread boiling water. After it cools filter it well, add sugar, yeast and mix well. Allow to ferment in a warm room for 12 hours. Then pour into bottles, add raisins and place in a cool room. In 48 hours kvass is ready.

For 4 l water 1 kg dried rye bread, 1 cup sugar, 20 g yeast, 2 spoons raisins.

I'll be adding lemon to the recipe as well, two slices, ignoring the heel. I'll try to do a proper step by step.

First step, which is now, I'm boiling the fuck out of everything that's going to touch the kvass so I don't die. So, I won't actually be starting for a little bit yet. This is a very important step, so if you're going to use this thread as a guide, please read this section.
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>I'm currently trying to discover how to achieve more carbonation.
This is what I'm working on as well, after I get the heat and time on the bread down. I've made four more batches since but no real progress. I'm considering making some seals for my bottles of of proper material, and adjusting the amount of force on the lid. If I anything works out I'll definitely post it here.

I've started making kefir, which is pretty nice. I got a super old strain from a friend, so that's pretty cool. It's a nice drink, but I think I like kvass more.

I've read a lot about using honey instead of sugar, do you think it adds that much to the flavor?

Honey is way more expensive, but I might give it a shot and see if it's worth it.


My first large batch was all sugar, but I've been using honey since I had bought 12lb of it for brewing mead.
Long story short, after procrastination the honey has been getting used for other purposes, and I thought what else better than kvass?

While I notice little difference in taste, those I've shared it with appear to prefer the honey. If it was just me, I'd most likely save on cost and use sugar.

By the end of the week I will have to make two batches, one honey and the other sugar, to initiate a blind taste test.


Seems you are very well practiced in brewing fermented drinks. Any of you have any tips for brewing a good batch of Kombucha with some sort of flavor?

It has been something I've been interested in but haven't had time to do so.


File: 1506421685249-0.jpg (3.48 MB, 3036x4048, IMG_20170924_164256.jpg)

not fermented but I made mors recently


for next project make rakia

File: 1506808160557.jpg (27.01 KB, 640x360, y9VT1Oy_d.jpg)


I am planning on making a custom loop water cooled rig, when I gotnto looking at it I'd need a new case too. So I thought why not make a wallmounted case too?

The upgrade will move me to Ryzon and a DDR4 compatible motherboard. That will set me back only about $500

Cooling Loop:
Okay so good news with this is because I wont have a "case" it will save me some troubles with having to flex lines and buying a soykafload of fittings. Still probably going to run me about $500 or a little less to get all I need for it.

Wallmounted Case:
That's going to be the cheapest part, if I go pretty simple with it, $20 easy. Thought I am still thinking of how I want to design it.

WARNING: If you wall mount your computer make sure you consider weight and mount it to studs/supports in your wall with some heavy duty stuff. I'll find a good video showing how to do this.

File: 1504479006217.jpg (30.53 KB, 800x600, SerialExperimentLainTachib….jpg)


Hello there,
After few years of browsing the web I've noticed that I often visit the same websites every 2 months or so. For example, I can sometimes forget how to initialise an array in Python because I haven't touch the language in 3 months and so I just Google it and open a StackOverflow related question.

However, this is an inefficient way to browse the web.

I think it is possible to improve this logic by:
- Caching the relevant information on a "personal web" server
- Building a smarter way to order these data
- Building a smarter way to access these data

For now, all I do is that I type my request on Google and my long-time-ago-visited website pops up amongst other less irrelevant websites. Then, when I click the website, it takes time to download it again. Once it's loaded, I've to look for the piece of information I am after.

The idea of this personal web is to keep only the relevant information by discarding the style (CSS) and all the menu buttons etc to only keep a black background and a white text with the information clearly displayed on it.
Then, I thought it might be a good thing to implement some kind of service that checks if the formatted informations is still the same of the website and hasn't been updated and if so, update it too.

So far, to select which relevant informations to keep and cache, I thought of developing a Google Chrome extension that would send the information selected (mostly text, but also image and misc files) to the server to proceed to the smart ordering phase.
Then to order the received data, I thought about using some sort of Machine Learning algorithm to learn which data goes into which category. I know about Deep Neural Network and how to setup them so I could do that.
Finally, we've got to be able to access those data. To do so we should minimise the amount of mouse movement as this would slow down the request typing (so no point'n'click system). Instead, I thought about implementing SPARQL, which is IMO a rather smart way to request data and it'd fit this project requirement quite well.

If you know of any better technology to do this, and also if you have suggestion about the smart ordering part using Deep Learning I'd really appreciate.
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That's really awesome.
Some way to navigate through entries as a kind of graph of relevance would be useful. At least some way to navigate when you don't know what you are looking for.


Very cool, though I would discard the lain font and use something more readable for informational text. Keep it for the main title for style maybe.

Something like a proper monospaced font would still look cool and cyber but be more readable. Or just go with a nice sans serif.



I just run it through httrack . I have a web archive organized by topics and subtopics. i.e. networking > routing and switching > pagesineed.html

then can type patterns into mlocate or grep and it will bring them right up


This is a very cool project and I'm all on board and all, but isn't this just a wiki?

A wiki where content is arranged by task rather than subject is a good idea though.


Is there some other way to add the functionality you want than a chrome extension?

What about people who don't use chrome?

File: 1504570286504.png (334.79 KB, 424x741, 13.png)


Back in February, a thread was made on applechan by a user with the alias of "clippng" regarding the start of a security related zine, and the search for people interested in working on said zine. The zine was hosted on an etherpad instance, which after a month or so of inactivity, was deleted. But before the etherpad was deleted, I (903) copied the zine's content, removed all of the identifying information and uploaded it to gitlain[1]. A month ago clippng emailed me hoping to get the zine back up and running again, as he had heard I had a copy. Unfortunately, it seems like I responded too late to the email and now it looks like they don't check their email anymore. In the same way as the original project, I'd like to start to look for people interested in working on the zine. If you're interested in what needs to be written, or would like to see what has been written already, have a look at the gitlain repo below. I currently don't have any ideas on how to host the zine in a way other than maybe an etherpad instance or a gitlain repo, so feel free to suggest ideas in that regard. I can be contacted at nineohthree<at>airmail<dot>cc and my PGP key can be found here:

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Also, the email is incorrect, don't use it.

>Is there any real reason to start another side project? We already have a zine, and I'd love to see security related articles in it.
Fragmentation does make it harder to organize, I'll agree with you on that. I would be happy to give the content to lainzine for articles, as well as anyone for their use. Since there wasn't a license on it at the start, and information does want to be free, it'll be copyright-free so anyone can use it.
>Essentially what I'm asking is what does it bring to the table that is new and interesting?
If anything, the zine brings a focus on free software, what we have to hide in this day and age and the organization of groups fighting against various causes. It seems that most security guides today are bent on a sort of libertarian ideology (see anything relating to tor and dark net markets) that isn't present in the zine, where it has a more of anti-capitalist theme, if anything.


I emailed, but I guess that's not the right email.

I basically said I've been working on something like this for a few days, only a basic website rather than a zine. I have a website set up with a ton of information on security and such. It's a few days away from being able to share, mainly because I suck at styling so making it have a cyberpunk theme will be hard for me . I also plan on adding a wiki-style page where people can contribute whatever information they have. I'll also have publicly available redundant backups. Feel free to steal whatever info you want from it. I'll post a link once it's up and running.


No, you sent it to the correct one. is incorrect, whereas is correct.


Honestly I think a sec-zine would be rad. I'd love to participate in it in some way or another. But, I believe we should have a realistic scope and expectation about the size in comparison to the LainZine. It's a comparatively niche subject with even less contributors and readers. As such a four or five page long first edition would be plenty and getting it out their sooner rather than later will give the project a higher chance of survival.

It would also give readers something physical (read digital) to pass around amongst themselves to build hype and hopefully get new writers involved.


Not just that, we have a hard time publishing what we do have, why start another projects? Especially something so similar.

File: 1499825218153.png (127.06 KB, 640x448, cbc.png)


Hey guys!

I've built a very minimalistic repository of knowledge from out community.

Right now it contains a collection of recipes from a couple of our users, but I plan to extend it to contains all sorts of guides and advice about trying to live as fruitfully as we can.

check it out!
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I like it!


If they're related to the subject at hand, do you accept text files that are made by other/unknown people? I've found some interesting ones in various indexes that archive sec and tech things from the 90s to present day present time


Your always welcome to send them in! Ill sort and filter them accordingly.


I'm working on theater etiquette if you guys are interested


There are more lainzines out, if you wanted to include those.

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