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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1495238207766.jpg (128.2 KB, 720x844, AndyDenzler02.jpg)


I just finished setting up my own internet radio station called
where I broadcast selected ambient, IDM, and glitch music. You can listen in by downloading the appropriate playlist below. I hope you enjoy!

web player (website is total shit. i know. to be redesigned soon.)

m3u playlist

pls playlist

xspf playlist
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Yeah I used to enjoy it.


I'm open to bringing it back, but I would want to migrate from Shoutcast to Icecast. Does anyone here have experience running an internet radio station? I've been really busy so I would appreciate some help on IRC. Thanks.


WOW good idea! but does not work with #Tor, possible?


Just use #Tails, Luke
torify mpd


ive had tons of time setting them up. But i'm on #/g/punk on rizon. And thats where I'll be. Just ask for the morphine addict mexican jew.

File: 1529044646501.jpg (289.6 KB, 1280x594, Hy8UMbEcpHU.jpg)


Hi!Can lainanons recommend some good books, tutorials about how to design own PCB, electricity and soldering


File: 1529380689994.jpg (47.75 KB, 750x500, 04_datainjection.jpg)

I sought out to learn PCB design and gain a broader understanding into electrical engineering. The single most educational object I found was stumbling into a local manufacturing job building small DC components from the ground up including PIC microcontrolers. Once I had a solid foothold on the basic I started laying mask down on unpopulated panels and doing setups and production runs, past this it was easier to branch out. Honorable mentions to JF. Self taught, devoutly religious, and programs everything in assembly. An old school master.

I am sorry this is not the answer you were hoping for, this is just my personal experience in the matter.


File: 1529397467029.jpg (2.12 MB, 2400x2400, Geisha_see.jpg)

what did you use to learn the basics though?


File: 1529420981758.jpg (43.85 KB, 600x450, 1204637778332.jpg)

I started tinning wire and to develop my soldering skills. After that I started to make 8 pin connectors in a 2x4 grid. this allows me to lean how to make great fillets. After that component assembly, soldering on large capacitors to boards, stuff which could be done with wave soldering in larger operations. After that it was programing the microcontrolers with custom made jig's, this was the most insightful as i started to understand how the separate layers of the board were connected by "vias" and really started to tie my understanding of the broader picture together. The Jigs were made in-house with UHMW (Ultra high mol weight) plastics, the idea was to get 6 pins onto the right vias which would connect UART back to the device which contained the ROM for programing the PICs. Fun fact, this is where i got a taste for machining but that is another conversation all together. At this point I had the production area under my thumb and with my background in IT they asked me to start running the pick and place machines. This is where I started to understand some of the fundamentals of the components I was working with, I read data sheets for every component I have ever used. This is where I also developed a keen interest in pneumatic systems as these pick in place systems were all driven by air to some degree. After a while they asked me to start taking care of component purchasing. I still have contacts with Digi-key, Mouser Electronics and Futura as well as a few I have done business with via Alibaba. Towards the end I would work with JF on offering suggestions on new designs to streamline manufacturing. When I reached the saturation point of what I could learn at this Job i moved on, as i always do, to the next thing I wanted to learn. That concept in and of itself, in my eyes, would deserve its own thread, my dearest Arisu.

File: 1492455921326.jpg (91.41 KB, 1024x576, laintracker.jpg)


If you do not specify the email address with which you would like to register, we will assume that you want to use the address used to email us.

l a i n t r a c k e r @ 8 c h a n . c o
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The tracker has always had the same dedicated IP address.


Why don't new torrents work?

>t. just uploaded something and it's marked as unregistered


File: 1527319655246.gif (486.58 KB, 500x362, Lain - Broken Tech Flashin….gif)

Does anyone here have experience with Gazelle/Ocelot? The tracker is fucked.



Arisu and Lain isn't that oldschool anymore and uses ipfs, zeronet or Retroshare, or anything on the ciphernets instead.


this. 8chan is a honeypot

File: 1506725998534.jpg (155.55 KB, 800x578, breadboard.jpg)


MIRAG - Microcontrollers, IoT, Robotics, and Automation General

This is a thread for all things related to the development of embedded projects. This includes, but isn't limited to:

>The Internet of Things

>Home Automation

We discuss what we're working on, project ideas, project guides, and programming.
Try to keep discussion limited to anything pertaining to microcontroller units/boards.

>What is a microcontroller?

>Where can I find project ideas?

>What MCU should I get?

Whichever you want. Arduino has a huge community and tons of documentation, but STM32 boards are much faster on average. Do your research.

>Where should I buy boards?

From the supplier will always be your best bet, but if a controller doesn't have a specific manufacturer or store (See - NodeMCU) AliExpress or eBay may have what you're looking for. Parts from China are often a fraction of the price except for more less known boards (Adafruit Feather - Espruino) I personally recommend AliExpress if you can wait a few weeks for shipping.

>How do I learn C/C++?
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Yes, if you put unsafe{} blocks everywhere, you can do everything in Rust as you can in C. But if you're doing that, then you're sacrificing many of the niceities of Rust. I'd like to see Rust applied to real-time embedded programming, it could be interesting if you're able to actually leverage the language features.


Yeah, sadly I'm more on the small-time hobbyist side of things at the moment as far as embedded stuff goes, so I don't know enough about real-time programming to really make a worthwhile attempt.

I presume one [u]could[\u] do it with unsafe but it'd be nice if there was a proper way. For all I know there is and I'm just unaware.


Hi Alice, I'm interested in experimenting with embedded audio; I can't seem to find a 3.5mm audio jack that fits into a breadboard though. Any suggestions?


Time to pick up that soldering iron and make some leads to run to the breadboard.


just bought my USB cable for it, so hyped! It'll take a while to arrive though.

File: 1521728544341.png (948.41 KB, 1500x1000, WhiteFox-Wood-min_2048x204….png)


Hey lainons, I have had a nice mechanical keyboard for a couple years, when it finally broke a couple months ago. I desoldered all the switches and carefully pulled them from the keyboard. I have been drooling over the whitefox keyboard layout pictured, but I don't have anything near the cash to buy one of their circuit boards. I would like to do a "manhattan" style circuit, but I need a plate for all the keys to click into first. Does anyone have any ideas how I could make/have made for me a cheap custom plate in my chosen layout? I would much appreciate some help with my little project.


Do you have access to tools to do metal machining ? it seems like probably a requirement to have such access and skill to use them..

Otherwise, there are places online you can order plates of this sort from (after submitting vector images of their layouts or whatnought), which might be easier if you dont know what youre doing.f


You could get it laser cut somewhere. Ponoko can do acrylic and maybe steel for instance.


depending on your city, there may be convenient ish hack/maker spaces who might have the tools to do such a thing, as well as people who know how to use them and could help you.

Of coures not all are really easy to get into (or cheap to get into) but it might be worth a lookaround.

File: 1521552295174.png (25.99 KB, 255x181, 1512702559704.png)


Hi! I have a large amount of electronic modules. From capacitors to STM32. I'm dreaming about modifying my PC with custom electronics. I want something more than temperature-monitoring and turning it on by smartphone. Have any ideas, Alice?


I've build myself an RGB Mousepad. There are many tutorials online for this. I've connected the RGB LED to an Arduino and that again to my PC, so I can control the color via CLI, although the arduino also got some potentiometers for analog control, and that is way more fun. In the future I want to add an IR LED aswell, so I can control my other RGB light strips and Lamps too.

File: 1519519487286.jpg (15.16 KB, 333x333, 200300-acer-aspire-one-10-….jpg)



I'm just a lurker around here, but I figured you guys could help me out with a little project I have. Some time ago, I bought an Acer AspireOne at a really cheap price. The netbook has the following characteristics:
- It has some lines on the screen
- Bad battery that is by 0% after less than an hour
- it makes strange sounds when it's starting

I figured that, if I wanted to learn a bit about hardware and stuff, it could be a good project to try to make this netbook functional again. I started changing it's OS for a much lightweight stuff (Right now, it's running Lubuntu). My next step would be to fix the booting, which, as I mentioned before, it has some strange sounds sometimes. Someone mentioned that I should change the motherboard but that it could go wrong.

I'm sure people here had attempted to fix a damaged laptop before, my question would be about motherboards and maybe some references I could look up on the Internet.
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Batteries go bad over time so you could check how much charge your battery is holding via

upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 | grep energy-full

If it's way lower than the designed, just get a new battery.

If you think there might be hardware issues you could check the dmesg with

dmesg | less

There might be a hardware test for the laptop if you can find a manual online too.

Lines on the screen idk. Sounds like a bad monitor :/

I've been using my 2007 macbook a lot and adding an SSD was really easy. It took the boot time from 2 minutes to 15 sec. If you only have one it might burn through the ssd faster though. Old laptops are the best :)


File: 1520645612956.jpg (27.17 KB, 640x480, intel.jpg)

ur comparing price to battery life and performance. there's x200 that will last 14 hrs at $10 on a 9-cell battery. it's called
us@hackbox:~$ sudo apt install tlp

i think your post OP is about basically rejuvenation. In that case, I would recommend peppermintOS or antiX OS is another fun one for having a highly functional laptop but very minimalist.

you can crack open the battery and replace them with good samsung 18650 batteries ($5-$15 per) but you have to do some research and find the right mAh and voltage. under the hood, you would find out the chipset (acer aspire one uses Atom N2600 dual core processor) but you can find a low voltage replacement for under $5 on ebay

low voltage ram is also a thing.

if you want to do moderately priced upgrades in the future, you could try finding a better motherboard and power delivery, and find some better cpu headers for maximum efficiency


>(acer aspire one uses Atom N2600 dual core processor)
Only a single model of the Aspire One used that CPU. Most of the AO's actually used cheaper single-core Atoms like the N270 or N280.


Hi, OP here.

Thanks for your comments, I've read them and I'll consider them through this expierence. Rigth now, though, work has taken most of my time and I plan to return to my old Aspire One at the end of March.

As much as I am interested in chromebooks, I must admit that I found out about them just when I went to the US. So it seems that chromebooks are still not a thing here. In any case, chromebooks seem ok, but I was worried about how much it depended on the cloud. I'm not that keen into leaving all my stuff on the Internet.

>It sounds though, as if OP wants a just werks laptop, and more wants a learning experience.

Most like it. I'm a total doofus when it comes to hardware and, although I don't think I'll ever reach wizardly levels in that knowledge, I still would like to learn. In any case, it seems that my laptop won't be functional ever again, so I suppose I'll just have my fun and then sell the pieces somewhere.

As for that post asking for the sound, it sounds as if something is stuck in there. I actually thought it was the hard disk but I asked some technician around here and he told me it is the motherboard.

He didn't look that knowledgeable, tho.



>As much as I am interested in chromebooks, I must admit that I found out about them just when I went to the US. So it seems that chromebooks are still not a thing here. In any case, chromebooks seem ok, but I was worried about how much it depended on the cloud. I'm not that keen into leaving all my stuff on the Internet.

This is certainly true if you're using Google's Chrome OS. Fortunately, the aforementioned Gallium OS ( can competely replace Chrome OS on most x86 chromebooks ( with standard no-Google-invasiveness-required no-cloud-storage-required desktop Linux. One can get the benefits of modern cheap-but-decent hardware without having to have anything to do with Google.

It does require a bit of reading to get it working, but if you're ever in a situation where you really need a new Linux laptop on a very very limited budget, it's a path worth considering.

File: 1507508025800.jpeg (460.29 KB, 1600x1200, 1*YJZkVIuHPXzTcOGRJNIGXA.jpeg)


What does arisuchan thinks of this thingy?
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>oxymoron as "ethical cooking"
ftw vegan…


egoist vegans where you at (I do it because it's healthy and ecologically sound)


looks like some of the early russian spy stuff that we hired during the cold war.
you know, stuff from the book 'billion dollar spy'


>ethical russian


>ethical russian
now that's an oxymoron

File: 1498700635090.png (241.76 KB, 708x436, SlowFeldHellExampleColouri….png)


One day I decided I would like a radio beacon.

Kind of like:

I picked up an arduino and wanted to transmit more then a dit or a dot. I settled on hellschrieber.
I saw someone had aready done it. I tried their code. Threw it away.
Kind of like:

Here is my source for the arduino atmega328p:

The picture is an example transmission(It took around 18 minutes to send!),
It has a glitch in the last line. Some sort of array problem I can't be bothered to fix.
I'll be sure to post the keying circuit and transmitter, Stay tuned!
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File: 1499662459883.jpg (690.05 KB, 880x920, SorryGuys.jpg)

I have provided enough direction to D.I.Y.
I wish you all the best.


Thank you, very useful.


File: 1511525179834.png (39.07 KB, 647x889, ham-pepe.png)

Are there any lainons in the SF bay area that would be interested in a local beacon / morse code BBS? I'm thinking about dropping some embedded board hacked into a Baofeng into the mountains somewhere on solar power. It would periodically transmit general info via morse code, but you could also transmit to it via morse to leave messages on the BBS or interact with it in other ways. I need suggestions.


File: 1512085517013-0.pdf (7.44 MB, TastyTreats.pdf)

File: 1512085517013-1.gif (1 MB, 255x255, EnterTheVoid.gif)

I'm not in the SF Bay area.

Suggestions? You seem to have the general concept pretty well flushed out.

Perhaps it would be an idea to anonymously set up a website with more information on it? So people who hear your beacon can get more information on its use.

Why morse code? Once you reach VHF, morse code just isn't used.
Why not a digital mode like RTTY? or FSK?

Perhaps a small linux system could be used to handle the BBS/ Modulating and Demodulating of the signal (check out, and radio control.

Also, for solar power, do you want it to only run during the day when there is sufficient solar power?
You could do this in hardware or in software.
Either way you will require a power controller of some kind.

Make sure to use an antenna tuned to the frequency of operation.

It is possible to locate your setup in 10 minutes to 10 meters by amateurs.
Look in to fox hunting and how to be a better fox.

Good luck! Don't let your dreams be dreams!


File: 1500782173600.jpg (272.09 KB, 1920x1080, serial_experiments_lain_as….jpg)

There was a thread about possibly restoring this project on .org. I couldn't find that particular thread as most of the data had been lost in that whole server mess. Seems like they never got past making a window manager though. As I learn more I aim to bring this back at some point. It'll be a hot minute until I actually know what I'm doing but I've got plenty of time. Would anyone else be interested in bringing this back as well?
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That'd be real swell of you to do that.


I think it would be a good idea to create Lain OS as distrobution of linux or BSD. I would be willing to help but I really don't know if I could because I'm not a programmer.


We could just make a window manager.


I'd be really down for this. I imagine something similar to NeXTSTEP i.e. Window Maker?

You could just work off of GNUstep and Window Maker then add some lain-esque graphical elements (login manager etc.) add some animations. It would probably be most realistic to build a window manager.


Site's down.

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